52 Stock Market Pick Up Lines

Do you or your loved one trading or invest in the stock market? Add some love to your relationship with these amazing pick up phrases. We have written many sayings with the most popular stock market and trading terms. Impress and flirt with your loved ones. Use the lingo and keywords that they will find funny! Pick up stock market traders with the best pick up lines.

Stock Market, Trading, and Options Pick Up Line
Are you a bear, because I want to go down with you.
Are you into markets? How about I show you the candlestick of what I own?
Babe, are you autist enough to date me?
Babe, how about BTD? Buy the dip. My dip.
Babe, I'll trade my time and money for your love.
Babe, keep on going down, and I'll always average down with you.
Babe, long or short? Either way I got you.
Babe, the market is not the only thing going parabolic tonight.
Babe, what a great hedge you got there.
Babe, you got premium.
Babe, you just gave me an all time high in my pants.
Buy me babe, I'll outperform for you tonight in bed.
Are you a day trader? How about we do some overnight trading?
Do you want to bond me, or should I stock you instead?
Double bottom or double top, I want them all.
Funding secured!
Girl I got my P&L to show you tonight. Pushing and loving that is.
Girl you know how to ride the bull wave?
Girl you so hot, perhaps its time to split your legs.
Girl, are you ready for some high frequency action tonight?
Girl, have you been rated by an analyst? Because you are definitely a buy.
Girl, I am all in. Do you feel the bullishness?
Girl, I could bear hug you all night long.
Girl, I could chart you every day of my life.
Girl, I love that double bottom of yours.
Girl, I love you high and low.
Girl, I'll let you call where I put in tonight.
Girl, let's go all the way, because the bottom is not in until I enter my position.
Girl, you are the worth the risk.
Got stonks babe?
Hey girl, buy this stud and I will rally into you all night long.
I am bullish for you babe.
I got leverage, and I know to to use it.
I got the money, you got the body, let's see what return we could yield together.
I like my woman wild. Are you a volatile asset?
I want to know all of your technicals, so I could do some proper research into you.
I will buy and hold you forever. Never selling you.
I'd want some of my bear paws on those double top of yours.
If you have a ticker symbol, it must be either $SEXY or $HOT
Loving you pays dividends.
So what is your interest rate for me?
Want to experience some Mutual Fun tonight?
Want to see what fully invested feels like?
We know we got futures together.
Which direction should I go? Long or short?
You are my long term hold.
You are my tendies baby.
You gave me the indicator signal to push the botton for you girl.
You so hot, I am gonna YOLO you with out of the money calls.
You want some ETF tonight? I will Ejaculate The Fuck into you!
You will always get the upgrade in my heart.
Your value stocks make me grow in my pants.

Pick Up Lines About Stock Trading, Options

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