The best ice breakers are used and chosen based on where you are and the timing. To help you to select the best pick up lines based on your location or situation. We have compiled a list of pick up lines based on life style situation or current meetup location. Use these funny pick up collections to establish common grounds with the guys or girls that you are interested in.

Las Vegas (Casino)
Apartment Building
Gym or Fitness
Amusement Park, Water Park, County Fairs
Art Museum and Museum
Bars and Nightclub
Bowling, Pool Billiards and Darts
Barbeque Party
Hair Salon, Barber Shop, Nail Salon and Spa
Garden and Farm
High School and SAT
College Life
Coffee Shop
Dance Related Situations
Dog Park
Pool and Beach
Shopping Mall
Post Office
Public Transport Pick Up Lines (Airplane, Subway, Bus, Metro)
Traveling and Foreign Country (Airplanes & Airport)
Car and Trucks
Single Parents at Playground
Vending Machine

Special Situations or Events
Graduation Pick Up Line
Medieval / Middle Age
Concert and Music Festival

Hobbies or Interests
Book Lover
Boy Bands
Cowboy Country and Western
Song Lyric and Music Artist
Music Instruments

Online Dating or Apps

Other Themes
Astrology, Astronomy, and Zodiac
Post Apocalyptic & End of the World

Popular Products and Services
Apple (iPhone, ipad, iMac).

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