52 Lego Pick Up Lines

Are you at Legoland or a fan of Lego? We have compiled and written a cheesy list of Lego pick up lines to help you break the ice. Use these pick up lines inspired by Legos to flirt with guys or girls. Hope you will meet that real life minifigure of your dreams!

Lego Pick Up Line
Ay girl, you must have tight lego tube because I can't be detached from you.
Babe, that's not Lego bricks you are touching.
Babe, want some bricks?
Baby I don't know how it is possible, my made my bricks harder than before.
Baby lets try our Power Functions in bed!
Bricks, not dicks.
Check out how hard my stud is.
Do you collect minifigures? Want to trade heads and bodies?
Do you want to come upstairs and see my special attachments?
Does a 8x1 fit in a 2x1 gap? Let's see if that connection works.
Does my stud fit in your tube? The only way to tell is test it out.
Girl do you like legos? Because I wanna build a world with you.
Girl, let us use our imagination to build a beautiful Lego world together.
Girl, want to test my brick inside your Miniland?
Girl, you are the limited editon box that I have been searching for all my life.
Girl, you look like a million blocks.
Have you been to Legoland?
Hey babe, if you still want that minifigure you're, it may just be in my pants.
Hey babe, wanna click together?
Hey girl your minifigure is missing a head, let me put mine in that body.
Honey you are my everything. And everything is Lego.
I feel like we really connect when we attach our studs and tubes.
I hope you like LEGO ,'cos I'm a stud.
I like legos, you like legos. Why don't we build a relationship?
I love LEGO, you like Legos, why not build together?
I promise it won't hurt if you sleep on me in the middle of the night.
I think we need a brick separator, because I cannot Lego.
I want you lying naked on my baseplate.
If you break my heart, it will hurt more than any Lego I've stepped on.
Im building something in my pants and its not Lego.
I'm pretty sure I can show you how to really stack Lego pieces.
Is that a Lego in your pocket or are you just happy to build me?
Is that a minifigure in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?
It's time to lay more than brick tonight.
Just imagine you and I Lego together.
Let magic happen when my technic pin connect with your technic brick.
Lets be Lego Friends with benefits.
Let's you and I make an illegal connection.
My minifigure is missing a head, would you give me one?
Nice body, oh I am talking about your minifigures.
Nice parts, they'd look better in my collection.
Wanna a ride my Heartlake express?
Wanna come over to my place and play Legos?!
Want to build a one night Lego?
Want to see my rare limited edition Lego collection?
We are like Lego pieces, a little bit of you and a little bit of me and we will make baby Legos.
What can we build with legos? Let's start with bedroom toys.
Why don't you and I come together like stacked, single studded Lego bricks.
Yo wanna see my maxifig?
You are the missing piece in my life lego set.
You build here often?
You must be from lego architecture, you're so incredibly well-build.

Pick Up Lines Inspired by Lego

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