131 Academic Competition and Tournament Pick Up Lines

Are you attending Academic competition such as Math Olympia, Mock Trial, Model United Nations (U.N.), Science Olympiad, or Academic Decathlon? Chat up another kid’s brother or sister at a school Spelling Bee event. Use these competition related pick up lines for the various academic events.

Academic Competition and Tournament Pick Up Lines 
If I am a packet and you are a highlighter, the whole packet will be highlighted.Academic Decathlon
Wanna come over and go over my packet?Academic Decathlon
You know why they called me the "decathletes"?Academic Decathlon
Are you a winning medal? Because I am hungry for you.Academic Decathlon
You are so hot that I can't wait to see at next study session.Academic Decathlon
Are you ACDEC? Because I will dedicate all my after school hours on you.Academic Decathlon
Are you free time? Because you are out of this world.Academic Decathlon
I <3 nerds>Academic Decathlon
Will you be the 9th member of our team?Academic Decathlon
Why go to prom when we can go national?!Academic Decathlon
I want to decathahug you.Academic Decathlon
How about some decathasex to help you relax?Academic Decathlon
Your gold medal looks great on you. Would you like a pearl necklace?Academic Decathlon
Dulce et Decorum Est pro Acadeca MoriAcademic Decathlon
Are you my Acdec notes? Because I want to go over you over and over again.Academic Decathlon
Please tell me more about the math olympiad award.Math Olympiad
You were a math world champion? That is so hot.Math Olympiad
Are you a math olympiad problem? Because you got me harder than calculus.Math Olympiad
Let's role play. I'll be Drew Walton, and you can pull out my gun.Mock Trial
Call me Harley Kim because I'm gonna get this all on camera.Mock Trial
Don't worry about all loss; I prefer it last longer than 3 hours.Mock Trial
Hey, that's some Rebuttal you have.Mock Trial
Hopefully my ballot won't be blue tonight and you'll give me straight tens.Mock Trial
I can show you some clear and convincing evidence that you won't be objecting tonight.Mock Trial
I'd like to invoke rule 615 and sequester you to my pants.Mock Trial
I'd like to lay your foundation.Mock Trial
I've got all 5 elements of libel. In my pants.Mock Trial
Is that a Beretta in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?Mock Trial
Let's bang the gavel all night long. :gavel:Mock Trial
No further questions, I'm finished.Mock Trial
Objection. Long, and growing.Mock Trial
Wanna come over tonight? We'll do it till you object.Mock Trial
You be Captain Vanunu and I'll let you frisk me all over.Mock Trial
You better stop that watch because this objection is going to last all night long.Mock Trial
You don't need to take the LSAT, I'll let you right in.Mock Trial
You must have learned a lot from mock trial, because I got off just by looking at you.Mock Trial
Excuse me, are you into reverse bifurcation?Mock Trial
Girl, I can sustain an objection for almost four hours.Mock Trial
Girl, you're testi-fine.Mock Trial
Hey baby, I’ll show you my opening statement but it’s up to you to close. Mock Trial
Hey boy, did you see the season finale of Suits? Well we can do a mock trial.Mock Trial
Hey boy, if I were on a jury I'd find you guilty of being criminally gorgeous.Mock Trial
How about coming back to my place for a little actus reus?Mock Trial
I don't know if I have standing, but I'd love to court you.Mock Trial
I hope you don’t object to this leading question, boy, but you want me, don’t you? Mock Trial
I love you beyond a reasonable doubt.Mock Trial
I need someone to look through these briefs.Mock Trial
I think I'd be liable for negligence if I neglected to come over and talk to you.Mock Trial
I'd have to plead insanity if I ever left you.Mock Trial
I've got a precedent that's long and deep.Mock Trial
I’ll teach you about jurisdiction, if we change the venue to my place. Mock Trial
I’m going to sue the pants off you.Mock Trial
If loving you is a crime, then I’m looking at a life sentence. Mock Trial
Is that a gavel in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?Mock Trial
Just be who you are, I'm not the one to judge.Mock Trial
Let's adjourn to the bedroom.Mock Trial
Let's just say boy, if you give me your instructions well, I can be a very vocal advocate.Mock Trial
Nice rebuttal.Mock Trial
Res ipsa loquitur', honey. Your hot body speaks for itself!Mock Trial
The prosecution can rest at my place tonight.Mock Trial
There is no burden of proof for how fine you are.Mock Trial
When I think of you, I become fully vested.Mock Trial
Why don't you take a look at my briefs?Mock Trial
You want to approach the bench and badger my witness?Mock Trial
You're so fine you make my whole courtroom out of order.Mock Trial
Your body is 'ultra vires', it's beyond my power to control myself around you.Mock Trial
You must have learned a lot from mock trial, because I got off just by looking at you.Mock Trial
Just call me exhibit A. You can enter me without objectionMock Trial
Your request to approach is denied. Ask me again and I'll object in front of the jury.Mock Trial
As to the issue of sufficient evidence, we'll discuss that tomorrow -- that is, if we still have a relationship tomorrow.Mock Trial
Fellow citizens, just a few minutes ago, I emerged from our debate and headed out to my car. I started to leave when Lane approached me, screaming. He ran at me, fists cocked, and I was afraid for my safety. Lane told me he had lost everything and he grabbed my gun. Fellow citizens, I hope none of you have to witness such an event.Mock Trial
I normally would say yes, but your prostate and testes are unremarkable. Plus your heart weighs only 360 grams.Mock Trial
I'm proud to say I once invested a great many resources in Ms. Walton.Mock Trial
I'm sorry, but thinking of you and me together makes me contemplate having a second scotch.Mock Trial
I'm thinking we oughta practice our openings tonight.Mock Trial
Just let me tell you there is a difference between security guards and forensic investigators like myself.Mock Trial
Some experts only look for a specific type of girl: lovely, brunette, and amazing. I used that strict standard to find you.Mock Trial
When two people are present, I don't like to be the one standing.Mock Trial
Your girlfriend looks hot from here, but do you think I could direct-examine her?Mock Trial
Call me Casey French, because I'll turn your engine on and wait till you blow twice.Mock Trial
I'll be your defense attorney, and find out all the ways to get you off.Mock Trial
If I may impeach by omission, I'll show you something you shouldn't leave out.Mock Trial
If I may invite the courts attention to my dick, you will see you should let this evidence in. Its substantially more probative than opposing council's point. Mock Trial
If you let me approach, I'll impeach you with a big contra-dick-tionMock Trial
Its ok if you haven't handled one before, if it goes off too quick we'll just say it was an accident.Mock Trial
Lets role play. I'll be Drew Walton, You be Leslie Richards, and I'll tell you how to trigger a big reaction with just a little well placed stimulation.Mock Trial
Please? If you turn your back for 30 seconds, you wont even know if its me.Mock Trial
You must be a new scoring judge, because I want you to screw meMock Trial
Are you a topic? Because I'd love to table you.Model United Nations (U.N.)
Can I moderate your caucus?Model United Nations (U.N.)
Can I put missiles in your country?Model United Nations (U.N.)
For a third-world country, you're pretty well-developed.Model United Nations (U.N.)
Hey, wanna merge?Model United Nations (U.N.)
How long is your conference?Model United Nations (U.N.)
I can Cam your Bodia.Model United Nations (U.N.)
I hope that gavel's not the only thing you're banging.Model United Nations (U.N.)
I motion to enlongate the caucus.Model United Nations (U.N.)
I motion to have a ten-minute unmoderated caucus... in your pants.Model United Nations (U.N.)
I Motion to invade Djibouti with the aid of Greece.Model United Nations (U.N.)
I motion to table the Chair.Model United Nations (U.N.)
I'd like to motion you to the floor.Model United Nations (U.N.)
I'll czech your republic.Model United Nations (U.N.)
I'm Hungary for Djibouti.Model United Nations (U.N.)
I'm your point of personal privilege.Model United Nations (U.N.)
If I were a gavel, I would bang you all night.Model United Nations (U.N.)
If you're as long as the speaker's list, meet me in the bathroom.Model United Nations (U.N.)
It's not about how big your gavel is, it's about how hard you bang it.Model United Nations (U.N.)
It's not about how big your placard is, it's about how long you can keep it up.Model United Nations (U.N.)
It's not the length of the caucus that counts... it's what you do with it.Model United Nations (U.N.)
Motion for a one-on-one unmoderated caucus.Model United Nations (U.N.)
My lips are weapons of mass destruction. Would you care to dismantle them?Model United Nations (U.N.)
You can lift my sanctions any day!Model United Nations (U.N.)
You're my point of personal inquiry.Model United Nations (U.N.)
Hey girl, I am glad we won the state which means I will be seeing alot more of you at national and maybe you can study at my hotel room?Science Olympiad
I dream about meeting you at the national.Science Olympiad
I'm good at Air Trajectory and hitting the target.Science Olympiad
Is that balsa wood in your pocket or are you happy to see me?Science Olympiad
My balsa wood bridge is long and hard.Science Olympiad
Oh, you do Science Olympiad? You must be really good at science.Science Olympiad
Wanna come by to check out my Bottle Rocket?Science Olympiad
You are going to prom Because your team lost statesScience Olympiad
I want to be Division U.Science Olympiad
Can I demonstrate Geologic Mapping on your body?Science Olympiad
I'm lovestruck like a dyslexic girl in a spelling beeSpelling Bee
Girl, you are the cleverest bee I ever met.Spelling Bee
If I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put U and I together.Spelling Bee
There is 21 letters in the alphabet right? Oh wait, I forgot u, r, a, q, t.Spelling Bee
What is that sound? Wait, it is my heart buzzing for you.Spelling Bee
Be my queen bee.Spelling Bee
You are so sweet, can I taste your honey?Spelling Bee
Q: What letter make honey? A: "B"Spelling Bee

Pick Up Lines About Academic Competitions

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