31 Shopping Mall Pick Up Lines

Shopping mall is a great place to socialize and pick up girls and guys that you like. We have compiled the best list of pick up lines for you to use. These pick up lines feature many common features that malls share – main anchor stores, food court, snack joints such as pretzel or coffee shops.

The best pick up lines are the ones that are used with the correct timing and situation. You should change these around or utilize these to serve your purposes. May these mall pick up lines work for you in “shopping” for your dream girl or hot guy.

It should be noted that some malls now have gym or fitness club spaces as well. Please check out our pick up line collection for those categories too.

Shopping Mall Pick Up Lines
Are you good at finding things? Because I think you may have found my heart. Also, I don't know which zone I parked my car into so I need help with that too. Thanks!
Are you the Godiva store? Because you seem sweet and way too fancy for me.
Did you hear that? They're playing our future song on the speakers!
Did you know this mall has a movie theater? I just saw a preview of our life together. Looks pretty good!
Excuse me ! do you know where’s Victoria's Secret outlet/shop in mall .. You look like one of their model!
Excuse me girl, where I can buy men's stockings? I did not approach you to ask where I can buy men`s pantyhose. Actually I approached you, because you are my type of a woman. I really like you
Hey baby, why don't you meet me at the Starbucks? No, the other one. No, not that one, the other one... no, the one on the second floor. No, not that one on the second floor the other one... never mind, I'm sorry I bothered you.
Hey I need a female opinion- what do you think would look better on me, this or this?
Hi girls, I need an opinion. I was at Saks today, and there were $600 shirts. If guys wear 6bill shirts like that, do you think it’s classy or try-hard?
Hi, you are a very beautiful woman. My name is _____. What is your name?
Hold up some huge baggy pants or bling- “Wow this would look so AWESOME on me- yeah like a playa pimp. You can be my biatch
Hollister? I barely know her!
I heard they just opened up a new Lego store. Let's see if we can't build something together!
I just came to this shopping mall to meet my friend and I saw you. I thought I would make a mistake if I did not approach you. And what are you doing at this shopping mall?
I just tossed a penny into the fountain, want to make my wish come true?
I'm going to have to get a security guard, because you're trying to steal my heart.
If you look at the map of my heart, it says 'you are here.'
Just call me the guy working at one of those mall kiosks that sells phone cases, because I'm going to try and talk to you for a while whether you need a new phone case or not.
Just call me your Auntie Anne, because I'd like to make a 'pretzel' with you.
Let's get breakfast at the Tiffany's! [Leave and then come back] OK, it turns out I misunderstood something. There is no food allowed in Tiffany's. Also, you're not allowed in if you're poor.
My feelings for you are as tall as this seven-story Macy's.
Order in the food court! I hereby find you, the accused, to be quite tasty! You are sentenced to one date with me [bang gavel]!
So how do all of you know each other?
Teavana isn't the only one that gives free samples!
The girl we are shopping for has the same body type and hieghth as you!
Want to go shopping? Today only there's a special deal: 30% off on my heart!
Want to run up the down escalator with me?
What are your mall go-tos?
When you're around, every mall is a sky mall.
You look even cooler than the Apple Store, and with less overt effort.
Your eyes sparkle like someone who has just tried on all the eyeliner at Sephora. Oh, you did? Let's take these guessing skills to Vegas!

Pick Up Lines for Shopping Malls and Stores

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