47 Library Pick Up Lines

Are you studying or reading at a library? Are you with your loved one? Or see some hot girls or guys that you want to break the conversation with? We have compiled a clever list of library pick up phrases. Use these pick up lines to flirt and impress others!

Library Game Pick Up Line
Am I too loud, perhaps you should shush me with your lips.
Archivist do it with gloves on, good that we aren't.
Are you a librarian? Because girl you point me to my wildest imagination.
Are you a librarian? Do you believe in open access policy?
Are you friends of the library? Great, because my name is The Library.
Are you on interlibrary loan? ‘Cause baby, you are outta this library!
Are you open to public?
Are you shelf Sexy? Because I've been searching for you everywhere.
Babe, forget about the time limit here, let's go back to my place and do it all night long.
Babe, meet me in the fantasy section and I will show you a whole new world.
Babe, my hard covers is going to make you last.
Baby, my life is an open book for you in this library.
Can I get your refence number so I could look you up and check you out?
Do you have overdue books? Because you have fine written all over you.
Do you want to reserve a study room? So we could study each other at the library.
Girl I am definitely checking you out.
Girl, how is that you are catalogued in multiple sections, sexy and hot.
Girl, it's the library, but we could still do it if you could be quiet.
Girl, my book worm game is strong for you.
Girl, you could check out my private library any time.
Have you heard about the secret garden in the library where people go make out?
Hey baby, can I put you on reserve?
I am the direct of Adult Services. How many I help you?
I bet I can find a place to fit you in my private library collection.
I don't care if there's a no food allowed policy at the library, because I just want to eat you up.
I don't need no library nor books to tell me what love is, until I met you.
I got the card to check you out, people call this credit card.
I see you like these books, wanna start a book club?
I want to impress a cute stranger with my book choice. What would you pick?
I'd like to insert my private collection into that empty stack of yours.
If I could arrange the library stacks, I would put "U" and "I" together.
If you were a book in the library, I'd never return you and just keep you in my room.
If you were a book, I'd need glasses, because you'd definitely be fine print.
Is that a hard cover, or are you just happy to see me?
Is this library burning books? Because you are simply sexy hot.
It's a shame pets aren't allowed in the library, because I'd love to see your pussy.
It's destiny that I have picked you out of thousands of books in this library.
It's not the size of the collection; it's how you use it.
Meet me in the stacks.
My reference desk or yours?
Only kids play doctors, let's play librarians.
People say you cannot judge a book by its cover, but girl you are top of the book.
So I see you like reading? Want to date a person who also likes to read?
There are things much better than reading books in this library, reading your heart and body.
What book would you recommend to help me sweep you off your feet?
What's your catalogue number baby?
You have put a hold in my heart.

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