63 Apple Fan Pick Up Lines

Apple products are one of the most popular products around the world. These apple products inspired pick up lines are based on popular Apple services and technology. They include gears such as iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and more related Apple services. Is your husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend big Apple fans? Use these clever pick up lines to flirt with with them. Or simply hit on cute girls or guys at Apple events or stores. These cheesy pick up lines will help you score and look like a Genius!

Apple Product Pick Up Line
Are you into role playing? I be the Apple Pencil and You be the iPad.
Are you my new iPhone? Because I can't stop staring at you.
Are you ready for some quality FaceTime, in person?
Babe your boyfriend is like an iPod, time to upgrade to this new iPhone.
Babe, I would totally go down and FaceTime you.
Babe, let's connect and Airdrop some love.
Babe, let's sync and see the magic happens.
Being with you makes me feel like I am on iCloud.
Did it hurt when you fell from iCloud?
Did you just call me on my iphone? I felt something vibrating in my pocket.
Did you know iPad and iPhone have assistive touch? I will touch you to get you where you want to go.
Did you know my iphone is also a remote control? Lets go somewhere remote and you can have control.
Did you know you could setup your iphone to be a remote control? Time to go somewhere remote where you can have total control.
Girl are you an iphone? Because I could play with you all night.
Girl you are like a MacBooks: smooth, sleek, and easy to carry around.
Girl you are so beautiful, apple Watch you the first moment you walked in.
Girl you are so hot, if you are an app, you would get banned from the store.
Girl, want to test my shake function? It'll totally put you in the mood.
Girl, you look so amazing in that dress, beats the retina display sharp and vibrant any day.
Girl, you’re more precious than the latest apple model on release day.
Girls do you have any Apple issues? This Genius can solve your problems.
Guys are like MacBooks, but this guy's a Pro who can really satisfy your needs.
Have you ever had iPhone sex?
Hey babe, iphone you now?
Hey baby, our iPhone's totally match. Let's take off their cover and check, and we should do the same.
Hey baby, this iPad's not the only thing that's 9.7 inches and magical, let's get to my pad.
Hi my name is Mac, once you go Mac, you never go back.
Hi there, have you tested out how to use your fingers to enlarge the pixel size?
How much does your iphone weigh? Enough to break the ice.
I am a Pro at getting things going with a girl's click wheel.
I am an app developer, care to show me your code.
I AM happy to see you, and this hardness in my pants is not just my iphone.
I am Siri-ously in love with you.
I can't wait to hook your apple products to my MacBook.
I have a feeling that I have destined to meet you, Apple map GPS rerouted me today for no reason.
I have everything apple, iPod, iPhone and the iPad. But missing you, iSad.
I need to call Heaven on my iphone because they lost one of their angels.
I think about you so much that I get a notification saying my storage is almost full.
I thought there's nothing as flawless as Apple products, and you have just proved me wrong.
I'd love to take a bite out of your sweet apple.
If you are trading up your iphone for a bigger size, maybe it's time to do so for your boyfriend as well.
If you show me your apps, I’ll show you mine.
If you were an iPhone, I would fondle and tap you all day!
I'll always take care of you, I am all the AppleCare you'll ever need.
Let's get the party started with our touch pads.
My fingers are like 3D touch, I could expand your pixel size and enhance your sensations.
My iphone display had been really dark, you have shown me a brighter future.
No more adobe flash me, just iMessage me the nudes.
This iPencil is not the only thing that I know how to use.
This iphone has all the latest features...except your number.
Time to get some sweet loving recharge, so you can stop going down on me like my iphone's battery.
Time to have some fun, Your iPad or mine?
Wanna come over to my pad for some pinch-to-zoom action?
Want a drink at the Genius Bar?
Want to listen to my hookup playlist on iTunes?
When you touch me, the connection between us is the lightning cable.
Who uses Microsoft anymore? We should have a Mac Party.
Why use an iphone case when it looks a lot sexier with nothing on, and you should do the same.
You and iphone totally belong together.
You are so beautiful, you do not need any iphone photo filters.
You got me more excited than an Apple geek at Apple Store.
You make me overheat because my app is poorly optimized for your beauty.
Your text vibration pattern is 'heartbeat' because every time you text me, mine skips a beat.

Pick Up Lines Inspired by Apple

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