109 Fishing Pick Up Lines

Do you love fishing or dating someone who loves to fish? Use these fishing related pick up lines about different fishing themes, poles, reel, lines, hooks, boats, and more! You have plenty of pickuplines to flirt with your fisherman. Add love and fishing trips to your romantic life. Easy Copy & Paste!

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Fishing Pick Up Lines
A shark just ate my girlfriend during our fishing trip. Will you be my new one?
Are you a fisherman because I think you're a reel catch.
Are you an octopus? Because you octopi my thoughts.
Are you farm raised or do you have to be wild caught?
Are you Swedish? Because you’re the sweetish fish in the sea!
Are you Swedish? 'Cause you the sweetest fish I sea.
Aren't you a catch!
Babe, are you a master baiter? Because this fish is yours tonight.
Babe, it's time to get out of this fishbowl and see the real world with me.
Babe, tonight I will be your biggest catch.
Baby, I love the way your caudal moves.
Baby, you make my heart jump like the fishes in Lahad Datu Sabah.
Baby, you’re the fish fingers to my custard.
Bow ties may be cool, but I think you’re cooler. I swear it on fish fingers and custard.
Boy: Have u ever been fishing before? Girl: Why? Boy: I think we should hook up!
Can i fish in your pond?
Can i put my tackle in your box?
Can you check and see if I have a hook in my lip? I think you just hooked me.
Can you tell me the proper way to present my fly to a lady.
Could you hold my eel? He is a slippery little fucker.
Damn you're like an award winning bass. I dunno whether to mount you or eat you.
Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I float by again?
Do you like pet shellfish? Because I have a very sweet clam you should pet.
Do you mind if I put my tackle in your box?
Do you prefer stiff or limp rods?
Driftin with an attractor like you, baby, is always 'drag free'.
Excuse me miss, can you check and see if I have a hook in my lip?
Excuse me, can you hold my rod?
Fish, did you fall from heaven or do you just taste that good?
Fishing with you in September is best because you can't 'run-off'.
Girl, I would never throw you back once I catch you.
Have you ever had a snook head straight up in your mangroves
Hello, dear. Do you think you are ready to spawn?
Hey babe, let's do it dolphin style.
Hey baby, can you please hold my rod and wait for what happens?
Hey baby, Can you please hold my rod?
Hey baby, if I were a fish, I'd be hooked on you.
Hey baby, you wanna cast a line with me?
Hey girl are you a fish? Because we should hook up.
Hey girl, Can you show me how to fish?
Hey girl, where you fin all my life?
Hey girl, you must be 15 inches cause you’re a keeper.
Hey gorgeous, can I pickle your fish?
Hey sweet thang, can I buy you a fish sandwich?
Hey, babe, you reeled me over here. So what do you want to talk about?
Hey, girl, are you a fish? Because we should hook up.
How aboat you come back to my place and check out my huge tank
I always knew the best catch of my life would be on this river.
I bet I could breath in them waders.
I can feel a lot of tension between us.
I don’t know whether to eat you or mount you.
I don't know if you’'ve ever been fishing, but I think we should hook up.
I have a lucky pole and I'll let you use it.
I have a lucky pole. And I think it's about to get luckier tonight.
I just got back from fishing. Want to see my rod?
I like hookers.
I may not be able to do miracles but I got fish and bread enough for two would you like to join me?
I normally fish for trout but I'll make and exception for you.
I visited an aquarium today. I saw a fish there and thought of you.
I wanna hook you on my worm.
I was so enchanted by your beauty that I ran my boat into yours. So, I am going to need your name and number for insurance purposes.
I wish you were a fish so I could reel you in.
I’d swim the deepest ocean for you. And I’m not just saying that cause I’d do it anyway. Cause I’m a fish.
I’ll let you look through my tackle box.
I’m all about that bass.
If you were a crankbait you would definitely be sexy shad.
If you were a fish, you’d be an Angelfish.
If you were a fly baby you'd be 'irresistible'.
Is this catch and release, cause I DON'T want to let you go.
I've called heaven and told them they must me missing an angel fish.
I've got a 9' rod.
Let me see your fly box.
Mind if I reel you in?
My pull buoy's not the only thing that goes between these thighs. 
My uncle has a drift boat. Just saying.
Nice bobbers!
People say you should teach a man how to fish? How about teaching me?
The rod's not that big, but I sure know how to wiggle the worm.
There are a lot of fish in the sea, but you're the only one I'd like to catch and mount back home.
There are many fishes in the sea, but it’s only you I see with me.
There are plenty of fish in the sea, but you are the only one I am fishing for.
There is plenty of fish in the sea, but I see you with me.
Wanna come back to my place and scrub algae?
Wanna see my big lure?
Want to compare tan lines?
Want to see how long my fishing rod is?
We could make BEAUTIFUL fish together
We should hook up when you feel like it.
We should hook up.
When you've got beauty like yours you don't need to use bait.
You can call me Nemo, because I'm never afraid to touch the butt.
You can look through my tackle box.
You have a butt that looks like a buffer gut.
You just reeled me in with your beauty.
You know I don’t go fishing often, But you’re quite the catch!
You know I'm da man you been wading for.
You know the fish isn’t the only catch here.
You know, I have the longest rod on this river.
You look like a trout, baby, and I want to fish you.
You see my friend over there trying to fly fish? [Point to friend] He wants to know if YOU think I'M cute.
You should see the size of the one that got away.
You wanna come back, and see my minnows?
You wanna get out of this fishbowl?
You’re a prize winning fish… I don’t know whether to eat you or mount you.
You’re like an award-winning fish. And I want to catch you tonight.
You’re on the small side, but I wouldn’t throw you back.
You’re the only fish in the sea for me.
You’ve got me hook, line, and sinker.
You've the hook, line, and sinker. I am yours forever.

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