99 Anime Pick Up Lines

Anime is a common theme among many young adults and well known anime conventions like Anime Expo. You cannot go wrong with a few funny and awesome Anime related pick up lines. Use them at cosplay parties, anime watching house parties, or just general Halloween parties with an anime focus. Alter and adjust these pick up lines to fit into any situation according to his or her interests. These anime themed pick up lines that feature different anime series, movies, and comics may work for you.

Anime Pick Up Lines 
After all this is over, I'm going to have 99 virgins, but you won't be one. (Nine Twelve)
All the nubile lolis in my harem don't think that I'm a complete loser.
Are you a trap card? Because I’ve fallen for you. (Yugioh)
Are you a tuner monster? Because you’re powering up my Syncro. (Yugioh)
Are you Kanie Seiya, because you're a ten.
Are you the Kyo to my Ani? (topkek m7)
Baby ill show you ALL 6 paths! (Naruto)
Baby they call me Diedara because I’m going to explode all over your face (Naruto)
Be the tsun to my dere
Beauty is art. Art is a bang. Beautiful, I want to bang you. (Akatsuki)
Can I buy you a health potion to get things in motion?
Can I insert my deck into your duel disk slot? (Yugioh)
Damn girl, I’m wanna give you that shinra tensei. (Naruto)
Damn, girl, you must be a hollow. You make my zanpaku-to go bankai.
Deidara: I don’t have tongues coming out of my hand for not hing you know (Naruto)
Do they make you in hug pillow?
Do you have a tampon I can put in my nostril? Because my nose started bleeding when I saw you.
Do you have any Uzumaki in you? Would you like some? (Naruto)
Do you like tentacles? Because i just drugged your beverage while you weren’t paying attention. (Akatsuki)
Ever been shukaku'd? (Gaara)
Ever notice how "End of Evangelion" and "Let's Get It On" rhyme?
Everybody calls me shark but you can call me tonight. (Yugioh)
Excuse me, is your name Hina? Because I think I'm in love.
Front Crowd isn't my strongest style, but I've been told I'm a master at breaststroke... (Rin Matsuoka)
Girl have you mastered the Rasengan, because every time your hand touches me you make me dizzy. (Naruto)
Girl when I see you, mokuton activates in my pants for no reason. (Naruto)
Gun DAM, you are FINE girl!
Gurl I would bang you like the end of Cowboy Bebop.
Hashirama: I could show you a special kind of mokuton jutsu in private if you’d like. (Naruto)
heaven must be missing an angel, because I want to run away and cry for thirty minutes. (Shinji)
Hey baby! I m like rubix cube. The more you play with me the harder i get. (Naruto)
Hey girl want to do 25 episodes of blushing at each other and then looking away? (Kimi ni Todoke)
Hey girl! Wanna see my deck? (Yugioh)
Hey Sasuke! How’d you like have your Throwing-knife in my Shuriken? (Naruto)
Hey sweetie, they call me "White Lightning." Care to find out why? (Yugioh)
Hi I'm Klein!
How’d you like to see my kunai? (Naruto)
I can ride a motorcycle and play a card game at the same time, hon. (Yugioh)
I can't believe my little sister isn't as cute as you.
I carry around my dead sister's cell phone. Wanna sleep together?
I don’t mind fangirls. (Yugioh)
I don’t need to use byakugan to see into your heart. (Naruto)
I equip Viagra to my Kuriballs! (Yugioh)
I give better tongue than Deidera. But you’ll have to see for yourself. (Naruto)
I promise, I can always find a girls G-Force.
I put the three in threesome…Un, Yeah, Baby! (Akatsuki)
I shall beat you to within an inch of your life…and then i am going to have you. (Akatsuki)
I want to put you in face-down position. (Yugioh)
I was just checking you out from across the room with my Sharingan. I came over because I notice your chakra use is limited, and well let's just say I really know how to get your chakra flowing.
I'd find all seven dragonballs for you baby, and then some
I'd perform a human transmutation to see you one last time
I'd trade an arm and a leg to get a piece of your philosopher's stone. (Edward Elric)
I'll let you use my Death Note if you go on a date with me.
I'm damn good. Believe it! (Masashi Kishimoto)
I've got nine tails, think you can take them all in one shot? (Naruto)
I’ll be Naruto for you Hinata. (Naruto)
I’ll love you longer than all the Naruto episodes. (Naruto)
I’ve two of what most men…have only one of. (Akatsuki)
If you go out with me, I'll treat you how I treat my Pocky. I'll spend a lot of money on you, bring you home and finish you off within 5 minutes before I lay in bed crying myself to sleep.
Im not Hashirama, but dreaming about you has made me master Morning Wood Style. (Naruto)
Infinite Tsukuyomi must have activated because you are everything I’ve dreamed of. (Naruto)
Is that a Pokeball in your pocket or are you happy to see me?
Is that obelisk in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? (Yugioh)
Jutsu's ain't the only thing these hands are good for. (Naruto Uzumaki)
Kakashi: I don’t use my fingers only for thousand years of pain. (Naruto)
Kisame: My Samehada has never been this excited. (Naruto)
Let's Bang
Let's find a quiet place to connect and form Voltron.
Let’s go to Satisfaction Town (Yugioh)
My extensive Master Grade Gunplay collection is just proof of my magic fingers.
Naruto: I’ve got nine tails, can you handle them all at once? (Naruto)
NeoTokyo must be in trouble, because I'm looking at an angel right. (Shinji Ikari)
Ooh, has anyone ever told you that you look just like Kirito?
Orochimaru: Be my vessel, I want to be inside you. (Naruto)
Roses are red, Foxes are clever. I like your butt, Let me touch it forever. (Yugioh)
Roses are red, violets are blue, omae wa mo shindeiru
Shadow games are quite boring… how about playing with the lights on? (Yugioh)
Show me your Bankai, big boy. (Tite Kubo)
Sixteen point five... inches that is... (Kirigaya Kazuto)
Sometimes my friends call me Speed Racer, because adventure's always waiting just ahead.
That’s not a kunai in my pocket, y’know. (Naruto)
There's enough Ai in Jailbait for the both of us.
They call me a terrorist, because I got this weapon of ass destruction. (Nine Twelve)
They say Uzumaki have the strongest bodies. Believe it. (Naruto)
This drill ain't the only thing that will be piercing the heavens. (Kamina)
Tobi is good in bed. I can ‘Go At It’ for 72 hours straight without stopping. (Akatsuki)
Wall maria ain't the only thing getting wrecked tonight. (Colossal Titan)
Want to join my harem? I'll let you be the canon girl.
Why don't we go back to my place and find my Dragonballs?
Why don't you come over to my house so we can watch a little Sailor Moon to get in the mood?
Would you mind if i thirst my dark magician’s staff deep down inside your dark hole? (Yugioh)
You activated my heart! (Yugioh)
You can be my Henrietta and I will be your Guiseppe.
You can ride with me anytime baby and i’m not talking about motorcycles. (Yugioh)
You seem a bit stiff, but I still got wood. (Yamato)
You're kawaii as hell.
You're softer than a dakimakura boo
Your name must be Kimmimaro because you give me a boner. (Naruto)
Zabuza: I’m one of the seven swordsmen, wanna be my sheath? (Naruto)

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