65 Board Games Pick Up Lines

Are you a fan of board games? Play board games with your loved one? We have compiled a list of pick up phrases about the most popular board games and concepts. Use these pick up lines to flirt and impress girls at board game nights and parties. They include common themes like boards, dice, and resources.

Board Game Pick Up Line 
Babe why don't you come home with me and rock my boards.
Babe you can go up and down this chute however you like.
Babe, no need to toss the dice, we could do it now.
Babe, seeing you naked is like going to Candyland.
Babe, want to try my board game? You be the board and I'll make all the moves.
Babe, you are the missing piece to my puzzle.
Babe, you so fine I am going to keep hitting with my battleship until I hit your spot.
Baby you so fine, I wanna lay you in a field.
Be my queen.
Cards against humanity? I want to start small with just my tongue against the most beautiful woman tonight.
Castle me and I'll crown you.
Did you just roll for a win? Because you stole my heart.
Do you feel like taking a Risk? Let's do it without protection tonight.
Do you feel lucky tonight?
Do you want to use Codenames? You can call me daddy.
Fancy for a game of Dixit. My dick, your pussy's it.
Girl are you a board game? Because I would play you all night long.
Girl I can do it anyways you like, horizontal or vertical. Much like connect four.
Girl you so fine I would love to add you to my collections.
Girl, I am ready for some private game for you anytime.
Girl, you got some award winning pieces.
Hey babe, do you want to kickstart a date with me?
Hey baby, I will Terraform your land if you let me come in.
Hey baby, I've got condoms for the night. We will win at Pandemic this time.
Hey girl, are you a battleship? Because I want to fire my torpedo into your citadel.
How about we go into the bedroom and play some Dominion.
I am gonna do you soft like a Jenga tower.
I can't help but notice your Great Western Tail.
I hope you like Diplomacy, because I am about to invade unexpectedly from the rear.
I see you have a ladder, but how does a snake fit in you?
I think I have seen you before, aren't you one of the 7 Wonders?
I was the seer and I saw you and me together tonight.
I'd like to play with your forbidden land.
I'll trade my dick for your pussy.
Instead of Exploding Kittens, let's explode your pussy.
Instead of playing the Game of Life, let's play the game of making life.
Is your name trivial? Because I am in pursuit of you.
It's your turn to move!
I've got a wood for your pair of sheep and wool.
Let me be your downfall.
Let's create civilization, one unit at a time tonight.
Let's get it on like Settlers of Catan.
Let's have some fun tonight, we might even end up using Plan B.
Let's play Family Feud, name something that turns you on.
Let's start Apples to Apples. My penis to your pussy?
Let's take this up to the next level.
Operations? How about I operate on that hot body of yours.
Ready for a round of twister? Naked.
So how much would it cost to own all of you in monopoly?
Sorry! It was just the tip.
Spend a night with me, you will scream Yahtzee without the dice.
That's what she said.
They should call the game wonders and put your picture on the box.
This board game isn't the only thing that I want to move my character all over.
This stud does not need instructions to know to have a good time.
To do everything I want with you, I need more than 5 seconds.
Uno, uno, uno. Oh yes.
Wanna see my little people?
Wanna see my little scythe?
Want to play Charades? Promise you won't guess until I finish the act.
Watch out, I might Surprise Slides inside you.
When it comes to me baby, you got a lifetime Ticket to Ride.
Why play pie face game, when you could experience me to your face.
Would you like to play a board game with me?

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