136 Earth Day and Climate Environment Pick Up Lines

Earth Day is a day of being made aware of the climate changes and taking care of our environment. Want to pick up earth loving girls and guys? Use these top “green” pick up lines perfect for the planet. These funny, cheesy, and eco-friendly pickup lines will for sure to help. Impress and get other man and woman’s interest, may it be on Earth Day or any other day. Use the force of Mother Nature to help you!

Earth Day and Climate Pick Up Lines
Ain't no mountain high enough to keep me away from you.
Are all your appliances energy efficient? Because when I saw you the room became more environmentally friendly!
Baby, all the ones other guys are unsustainable. Pay attention, I’ve got a environment friendly resource. We can go all night.
Baby, I like my energy clean and my bedroom dirty, so let's just transition to the sheets
Baby, looking at you makes me want to be on top like a rooftop garden, underneath like geothermal energy.
Baby, the connection I'm feeling is stronger than the link between climate change and extreme weather
Can I be your axis for the night?
Can I buy which you drink? In a reusable bottle keep in mind.
Care to show me your ozone layer?
Cars Pollute, so can I pick you up on my electric scooter
Did that rising sea-level get your pants wet? We better get you out of those!
Did you know I recorded the 1953 Christmas hit 'Santa Baby'?
Did you know my sheets come from only organic, fair-trade silk?
Did you say spelunking?
Do it for Mother Earth.
Do you believe in the big bang theory?
Do you know what time it is? It's time to take your boyfriend to the dump.
Do you think we can we get to absolute zero together?
Don't say you've got a girlfriend, cuz that would be an inconvenient truth.
Don't worry baby, we've got world class spill protection.
Excuse me while I climate turn into something more comfortable…
Fair Trade Coffee, Organic Tea or Me
Here's an inconvenient truth -- you have a nice ass
Hey sexy, I hear climate change is going to get really bad, you are gonna need a lover that knows the bush and can hunt.
Hey, let’s come up with compost, not love. As well as war.
How deep are your oceans?
How many dormant volcanoes do you have? Because I bet I could activate all of them.
How'd you like to capture some of my emissions?
I am glad we are creating a sustainable relationship.
I bet you know a thing or two about bedrock.
I bet your Dad is an Environmentalist, because you are so eco-friendly
I can see us in orbit together.
I can't resist your gravitational pull.
I can't stop thinking about what is under your topsoil.
I don't care what Copernicus says, you're the only planet to me.
I don't drive a car, but I'd love to walk you home!
I have data that suggests your hotness has increased 70% during the last 20 years.
I hope it's not an inconvenient truth to learn that I love you.
I just got dumped, would you recycle me into your boyfriend
I like my men the way I like my wind turbines: tall, sturdy, and full of energy.
I love getting dirty, and you seem to have a lot of it.
I love stratified layers.
I love T&A, Trees and Air Quality
I love the way you whip through my hair, I wish it was with hurricane force.
I love your soft edges.
I mainly date guys who recycle
I should call you carbon, 'cause you're causing a period of unprecedented warming in my atmosphere.
I want to climb your trees and swing.
I want to conserve water by taking a shower with you.
I want to fly in your friendly skies.
I want to swim deeply in all five of your oceans.
I wish I were one of your Northern Lights.
I won’t faucet offshore oil, but I will tap something else.
I would love to experience tectonic subduction with you.
I'd love to explore your longitudes and latitudes.
I'd make your icebergs melt.
I'd never mow your grass with a gas mower.
I'm against animal cruelty, so don't hurt my monkey, please stroke it gently
I'm an environmentalist, because I wouldn't want you any hotter than you already are.
I've never seen a better looking isthmus.
I’d plan to leave my carbon presence.. in your bedroom.
I’m sure we could both reach the Big O… ozone that is
If I wrote you a protest song, would you sing it with me?
If you were a year you'd be the last one, cause you're the hottest on record
In this entire universe, all I want is you.
Is it hot in here or is it the greenhouse effect?
Is it hot in here? Or did you just render every known climate change model irrelevant?
Is that the summit of Mt. Everest or are you just happy to see me?
Is there a magnetic field between us or am I just attracted to you?
Is your middle name turbine? Cuz you've got me spinning
Is your name Methane or Carbon Dioxide? ‘Cause you're making my world hot as hell!
It got really hot all of the sudden. Is it global warming? Oh, wait, you just walked into the room
Just say yes and I'll make sure you never get cold feet.
Just verifying your emissions.
Let's follow this current wherever it might lead us.
Let's get sweaty like Al Gore
Let's go shed a couple parts per million and get back to our natural state.
Like the bamboo sheets on your bed I want to cover you with sustainable love!
Looking at you gives me a renewable energy source in my pants
Meet me inside Davy Jones' Locker, I'll be Neptune, you be my staff.
My favorite geological features are created under pressure.
My h2o and footprint? Why it’s some size 16. And you know what THAT means, right?
My heart is an iceberg in your own presence… it melts.
My middle name could be Magellan, because I love exploring your continents.
Oh sorry to brush up against you with my Hemp shirt, or am I?
Please don't tell me that's an impermeable rock.
Save water, shower with me at night.
Save water. Shower in my cum...
Should we take this conversation above sea level?
Show me your dunes.
The average temps haves climbed 1. 4 degrees Fahrenheit while you walked in here.
The only thing which can come between us is normally Ralph Nader.
Turning off the Lights, is one of my Turn On's
Turning off your Engine, gets my motor humming
Venus ain't got nothing on you.
Wanna are aware of the backseat of my Prius?
Wanna C how many O's the 2 of us can make?
Wanna go back to my place and work some horizontal leadership?
Wanna swap airborne particulates?
Wanna take a shower with me to conserve water?
Want a relationship full of free, prior & informed consent? We're a match made in heaven
Want to go back to my place for some geospatial analysis?
Want to play chemical make up with my periodic table of elements?
We can cut down our water use if we shower together.
We don't need to frack to make the bed rock.
What do you and this used soda can have in common? I'm going to pick you up around 7pm.
What do you say we make a Just Transition back to my place?
What do you say? - You, me, a pair of hand cuffs, and the corporate headquarters of your choice.
What is your energy-to-mass ratio?
What time do you get off work? Let's carpool it back to my place
What's 100% organic and likes to party? This guy.
What's your favorite kind of cloud? Mine are cumulus.
When I see you, sea levels aren't the only thing rising...
When I'm near you, sea levels aren't the only thing rising
Why don't we go back to my yurt and plant some seeds?
Why don't we peel back your mantle a bit and have a peek.
Will you help me find my puppy, I think he went into that Eco-friendly Hotel across the street
Will you teach me about plate tectonics?
Would you like to hug my tree?
You are hot to the core aren't you?!
You are rarer than only a panda in the mad… and nearly as graceful.
You blow my mind like Geothermal Heating Technology!
You eyes are as bright as energy saving halogen light bulbs, would you light up my life?
You know what they say about the size of a man's carbon footprint
You left a carbon footprint…on my heart.
You look very fair, ambitious and binding tonight. We should make a deal.
You make me want to recycle my frowns into smiles.
You throw my center of gravity off.
You're making me as hot as molten magma.
You're millions of years old – I bet you're experienced.
You're so sexy you make me want to flower.
You’re hence cool, you can take the polar bears rear from extinction.
Your eyes are as blue as the ocean used to be before Bush relaxed dumping regulations
Your legs must be tired, from passing out flyers for Green Peace, sit on my lap!
Your so hot you must've started all of global warming
Your sunsets are amazing.

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