218 Meteorologist Weatherman Pick Up Lines

Some of us do not believe in Meteorologist because they never seem to be right. But however, you can always pick up girls by by talking about the weather. Be a seasoned meteorologist or weatherman yourself using these pick up lines. Weather is a general topic for you to break open the ice and start the conversation.

Make the weather work in your favor and work to pick up the girls of your dreams.

Meteorologist Weather Pick Up Lines
10 bucks if you can find which part of my body is the warmest.
After the hurricane they expect serious looting, but you already stole my heart.
Agent Kay: When you get sad, it rains.
Laura: Lots of people get sad when it rains.
Agent Kay: It rains because you're sad, baby.
(Men in Black II)
Are you a meteorologist? because i need something to talk about to keep myself distracted from your body, but all i can think of is weather.
Are you a meteorologist? I bet you got experience in everything from the ground up.
Are you a weeping angel?
Are you having a good summer? Because you’re hot.
Are you passed out on the sidewalk or are you my snow angel?
Are you related to the sun?...Because running into you just brightened up my day!
Are you sitting on a candle? Because your booty is on fire.
Baby, make sure you've got enough sandbags, because the storm isn't the only one that's going to be flooding your basement.
Baby, the connection I'm feeling is stronger than the link between climate change and extreme weather
Baby, you're so hot I only need four layers.
Be careful I’ve been known to cause a flash flood watch in your lower elevations.
Black ice isn't the only thing I'm falling for.
Break out the AWIPS and chains.
Can I advect your vortex?
Can I calibrate your instrument?
Can I hiber-mate with you.
Can I lift your index?
Can I make your jet stream?
Can I see your tan lines?
Can I see your weather balloons?
Can I TK your WXP?
Can you help me with my organic sunscreen, it’s a little hard to smear in.
Can you hold my gloves for a second? I usually warm them by the fireplace, but you are way hotter.
Class might be canceled, but that ass of yours don't quit.
Damn girl, is your name Irene? Because you look like you're good at blowing.
Did the sun come out or did you just smile at me?
Do I have a fever? Because you are giving me chills.
Do I have pneumonia? Because you're giving me chills.
Do I make you saturated?
Do you have a sunburn, or are you always this hot?
Do you hear the latest storm report? They changed the forecast to sexy.
Do you like your downdraft in the rear flank?
Do you live in an igloo? Because you seem like a pretty cool person.
Do you want to absorb my emittance.
Do you want to collect my precipitation?
Do you want to make out in the rain?
Do you want to suction my vortex?
Don't say you've got a girlfriend, cuz that would be an inconvenient truth.
Don't worry baby, we've got world class spill protection.
Don’t sweat the petty things. Pet the sweaty things.
End your snow day the right way and give me a BJ.
Feel the rush of my monsoon!
Get me some cooling aloe gel, because you are making me as hot as a sunburn.
Girl, if you wanted I can be your umbrella.
Girl, when you don't text me back, I sometimes go into a tropical depression.
Have you ever experienced a massive storm surge?
Have you ever had multiple vorticies?
Hey baby, the sun isn't the only thing that rises.
Hey girl, wanna hiber-mate?
Hey ladies, I go down every night. (Sun)
Hey, how’d you like to take a look at my extended forecast.
Hey, if you can't take the heat, get out of your clothes.
Hey, let me take you out on a first date in the snow—I promise I’m not a flake-y person.
Hey, you spelled “forecast” wrong. There should be a “U and I” in it.
Hey! Do ya wanna flux?
How about you let me take you for a ride in my bobsled? And by bobsled, I mean bed.
How's your warm sector?
Hurricane Irene is a Category 3, but if it had your name it be a perfect 10.
I bet I can increase your dew point!
I bet my presence is making it wet in your area.
I can tell you’re quite the elf-a male.
I can't jerk off because my roommate's classes were cancelled, too. Want to hang out?
I didn't know snow angels could fly as pretty as you skiing.
I didn't think I was a snowman, but you just made my heart melt.
I don’t need to cool off, I love the heat.
I feel a pretty strong updraft coming on.
I feel like I'm in Scandinavia, because when I'm with you it's like the sun never sets.
I figured out why the sky was grey today...all the blue is in your eyes.
I got a storm in my pants, want one in yours?
I have a huge, huge umbrella collection.
I have an overshooting top.
I have skittles in my mouth, do you want to taste the rainbow?
I hope there's a fireman around, because you're smoking hot.
I hope you are the rain and I'm the land, because even it rains like cats and dogs, you will still fall to me.
I hope you ladies stocked up on supplies because there is a storm surge in my pants.
I like your earmuffs. Maybe my roommate can borrow them when we're having sex later.
I lost my scarf, mind if I wrap your legs around me instead.
I never need to see the sun again because your eyes light up my world.
I saw you from across the room and winter fall in love with you.
I should call you carbon, 'cause you're causing a period of unprecedented warming in my atmosphere.
I take romance to a new level—I don’t cuddle, I hibernate.
I took the liberty of defrosting your windshield while you getting ready for work this morning.
I will kiss you in the rain so you get twice as wet.
I will make you wet, one way or the other.
I wish I could see what was happening behind those sunglasses.
I'd bang you like a screen door during that tsunami.
I'd like to get on your waterspout.
I'd like to punch your core.
I'd like to WeatherTap your booty.
I'm a meteorologist. I'm experienced in everything from the ground up.
I'm drowning in the sun and need mouth to mouth now.
I'm going to go ahead and call you "winter" 'cause pretty soon you'll be coming.
I'm issuing a severe lovin' watch!
I'm like Jim Cantore, but with hair.
I'm looking to get bobsleigh'd tonight.
I'm no weatherman but you can expect more than a few inches tonight
I'm picking you up on my SEXRAD.
I'm sensing your weekend forecast is mostly horny!
I've got an F-5 in my pants, baby!
I've got mad Skillings.
I’d like to issue a severe lovin’ watch.
I’m picking up measurable precipitation…in your panties.
I’m wearing a lot of layers, want to watch me undress for twelve minutes?
If a kiss was a raindrop I would send you a Thunderstorm!
If it weren't for that DAMNED sun, you'd be the hottest thing ever created.
If it weren't for the summer sun, you'd be the hottest thing ever created.
If kisses were snowflakes, I'd send you a blizzard.
If there a rainbow today? I just found the treasure I have been searching for!
If you think that's impressive, you should see how many inches I just accumulated in my pants.
If you want I can help you tape your windows, but I can't guarantee things won't still get wet.
If you want to taste the rainbow, let's go back to my place.
If you were a tree, you’d be an evergreen, because I bet you look this good year-round.
If you were a year you'd be the last one, cause you're the hottest on record
If your hands are cold, it's warm under my thigh vents.
Ignore the ray bans, there is nothing shade-y about me.
Is it hot in here or is it just you?
Is that a candy cane in your pocket, or are you just struggling to contain your excite-mint?
Is that a mirror in your pocket? Or just a stream of sweat pouring down the inside of your thighs and round the backs of your knees thanks to 90% relative humidity?
Is that a thermometer in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?
Is that sunblock on your shorts, or are you just happy to see me?
Is that sunscreen in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?
Is there an excessive heat warning or am I just hot for you.
Is your middle name turbine? Cuz you've got me spinning
Is your name Summer? Cause you are as hot as hell.
Is your tornado big enough to chase?
Isn’t it funny how the sunlight is specifically lighting up that couch on the porch?
It may be a stationary front now, but I'll make it move later.
It's a hot hump day today in Arizona. But don't worry, it's a dry hump.
It's hotter than a rooster in a hen house! We should take the cock out.
Just got the weekend forecast…mostly horny with a chance of doing “it”.
Just say yes and I'll make sure you never get cold feet.
Leave with me and I'll close your school tomorrow!
Let me analyze your contours.
Let me be your umbrella. You can open me over your "head" any time you want.
Let's add this log to the fire. Oh wait, that's just my penis.
Let's get you out of those bloody clothes.
Let's go shed a couple parts per million and get back to our natural state.
ls there a rainbow today'? I just found the treasure I've been searching for!
My nickname in high school was Butt Warmer.
My umbrella will keep you dry but I'll keep you wet.
My! Your parcels are buoyant.
My! Your tornado is long.
Nice mammatus.
Nice pair of 88D's.
No relationship is all sunshine, but two people can share one umbrella and survive the storm together.
Oh, your lips are sunburned, let me help them.
One look at you and my barometric pressure rises.
Plow here often?
Put on some SPF 30+, so I can get to irradiating you.
Screw me if I'm wrong, but it's freezing in Phoenix.
She acts like summer and walks like rain.
Skittles the way to taste the rainbow.
So, how many inches will I get?
Take it easy on me -- I'm a virga.
That wasn't my hand..it was my El Nino.
That’s a crazy burn line. How far up does it go?
The Arizona desert's full of cacti, but I've got the biggest prick.
The only thing hotter than today is your body.
The snow is blowing. How about you?
The storm is going to cause serious flooding, ever done it underwater?
The storm suppose to knock out the power, but your eyes have all the electricity I need.
There a cold front coming…but I’m gonna keep your front warm.
There's a hurricane coming. Evacuate your pants.
There’s a winter storm warning. You’re getting eight inches tonight.
These fingerless gloves aren’t just for me.
This greenhouse is so hot and sultry.
This puddle isn’t the only thing that’s wet right now.
This sidewalk must be unsalted, because I just fell for you.
This snowfall makes me want to see your snowballs.
Today’s forecast: Mostly horny and a chance of baby makin’
Tonight's forecast is a blizzard of me heading towards your face.
Tonight's forecast: 100% chance of love.
Trust me, hang with me and I'll name a hurricane after you.
Wanna see my weather weenie?
Wanna sling my psychrometer?
Wanna touch the storm in my pocket?
Want a relationship full of free, prior & informed consent? We're a match made in heaven
Want to compare tan lines, or just show me yours?
Want to know the difference between me and my Storm? It only takes two minutes to get me up and running
Want to see my lightning rod?
Was that an earthquake or did u just rock my world?
We don't need to frack to make the bed rock.
What are the similarities of women and snow? You can plow both.
What do you and the mountain have in common? Tonight, you're both getting 8 inches.
What do you and weather have in common? You're both hot.
What do you say we make a Just Transition back to my place?
What do you say? - You, me, a pair of hand cuffs, and the corporate headquarters of your choice.
What is a guy gotta do to get his mittens on those tit...ens?
What's your "do" point?
What’s a nice guy like you doing in a Burlington Coat Factory like this?
What’s today’s high? 69 ALL NIGHT LONG!
What’s your “do” point?
When you do it with me it’s like winter on Mt. Charleston…expect a lot of the white stuff.
Who needs a sled when you can just ride me?
Why do you need to buy extra batteries? I have 2 flashlights and can please you til the sun comes up.
Will you come to my place? You can sure lower my heating bill with your hotness.
Would you like to blow my weather vane?
You advect my moisture.
You are my sunshine and my rain, basically you make me hot and wet.
You are so hot. The sun is jealous.
You can call me rain, because I'm going to be getting you wet tonight.
You can stand under my umbrella.
You give me a high pressure system…in my pants.
You just caused a heat wave, because that's how hot you are.
You know that 6 inches of rain we got this morning...guess how I measured it?!
You know that during a tornado warning that the safest place to be is in my bed.
You look so hot that I could cook rice on you.
You look very fair, ambitious and binding tonight. We should make a deal.
You make me so hot I want to dive into this cooler.
You must be a frozen pond, because I can see myself skating all over you.
You're as hot as a desert summer.
You're just like a snowflake: Beautiful, unique, and with one touch you'll be wet.
You're the cause of my perturbation.
You've heard of high pressure..how about thigh pressure?
Your surfboard is so big!

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