55 Cinco de Mayo Pick Up Lines

Cinco de Mayo is one of the best and festive Mexican holiday. Use these cheesy and flirty pick up lines on this awesome holiday. Hope they will help you score and impress girls and guys. You may also want to check out our Mexican and Latino related pickup lines.

Cinco de Mayo Pick Up Lines
Are you a bottle of tabasco sauce? Because i'd like to lose your top.
Are you a Bud Light Lime? Cuz you look like a guilty pleasure.
Are you a frozen margarita? Cuz you just made my brain stop working.
Are you Cinco de Mayo? Cuz I'd like to think about you all night and forget about you tomorrow.
Are you from Mexico? Cuz you look like you belong under me.
Ay caramba! You're hotter than a jalapeño. I better wear a glove when I handle you!
Ay dios mio! Jorge jr. Just got muy gordito.
Border Patrol I need to see what's south of your border.
Can you put some hot sauce on my enchilada, I need some spice in my life.
Chica, you're like a piñata, because i'd definitely hit that!
Dammmnnnnn boy, you can stick your taquito in my guacamole anytime you want!
Dayum...One Look at you, chica, and my soft-shell taco got deep fried.
Do you like Mexican food? Because I will wrap you in my arms and make you my baerito.
Eres una angel? Porque…uh… want a beer?
Feliz cumpleanos?
Hablas Espanola? No matter — my love needs no translation.
Hello. I would like to celebrate you nationwide and regionally in Mexico.
Hey chica! There's like, a fiesta in my pantalones and you and your amigas are invited.
I "Cinc"-o you should take off your pants.
I may not be your cup of tea, but I'm a great shot of tequila.
I see you've got some tequila there, does that mean you're willing to give me a shot?
I want to make you Cinco de My Own.
I won't blame the tequila if I get with you!
I would love to stuff your piñata.
I'd cross borders for you.
I'd like to put my worm in your tequila bottle.
I'll even throw in my secret sauce free of charge.
I'll hook up with you this Cinco de Mayo if you refrain from calling me a hot tamale.
I'm celebrating Cinco de Mayo by puking tequila and gorditas on the side of a Taco Bell.
I'm not above using obscure Mexican battles to justify my drinking.
I'm the Juan for you.
If you're as intelligent as you are beautiful, then you'd know that today is not the anniversary of the Mexican revolution, but rather the Mexican army's unlikely victory over French forces at the battle of puebla. Now lose the pants.
Is your name "Sabado"? Because that ass is gigante.
Let me see your Mexican HOT dance.
Let's go do the Macarena in my bedroom naked.
Let's put the third X in Dos Equis.
May the Avengers inspire you to drink superheroically this Cinco de Mayo.
Mexicans don't kiss. Make Out.
My pinata could use a few whacks too.
Oh, a Cinco de Mayo Party? Tell me again where in Mexico you're from?
That is not a burrito in my pocket.
That sombrero makes your butt look phenomenal.
There’s a fiesta in my gauchos and you and your maracas are definitely invited!
Want to viva la Mexi-Go back to my place?
We can blame it on fajita the moment.
Yo quiero dat ass!
You and tequila make me crazy.
You are sexy. You are Mexican. You are a Sexican.
You had me at taco.
You look even better than eating dulce de leche with your finger!
You make me caliente.
You put the Model in Negra Modelo. Or maybe just the "O." I'm too drunk to tell.
You're rice and I am the beans. Together, we are a combo plate of bueno
You're the kind of girl I could mariachi…
You're the Light in my Corona.

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