22 Coronavirus Pick Up Lines

Are you worried about coronavirus? Use these pick up lines based on the worry that is on everyone’s mind. Flirt with your loved ones with these coronavirus related pick up lines!

Coronavirus Pick Up Line 
Are you coronavirus, because I have zero immunity against you.
Are you coronavirus, because you are all I am masking for.
Are you coronavirus, because you are making me hot for you.
Are you coronavirus, because you took my breath away.
Are you coronavirus, you are making me breathless.
Are you coronavirus, you are super wet for me.
Are you the novel coronavirus? Because your smile is contagious.
Are your thighs Coronavirus? Because I want them to kill me.
Babe are you coronavirus, because you are giving me respiratory problems.
Babe are your legs coronavirus, because I see them spreading tonight.
Babe, are you stocking up your supplies? I got all the toilet paper and condoms that we need.
Babe, forget about coronavirus panic. Let's work it from home, in my bed.
Babe, I bet you do not have coronavirus. Because I heard it cannot stand your hotness.
Babe, I promise I won't touch your face with my unwashed hands. Because I got better things to touch you with.
Do you have coronavirus? Come sneeze on me and we could be quarantined together for 2 weeks.
Do you have the Coronavirus, because I can't stop looking achoo.
Girl, are you afraid of the coronavirus, let's quarantine ourselves for 14 days.
Girl, are you coronavirus, because I want to travel the world with you.
Girl, do you have coronavirus, because I know a super spreader when I see one.
Girl, don't worry about coronavirus. I got bigger things to take your breath away.
Girl, stay in bed with me for 2 weeks if you are afraid of the coronavirus.
Girl, are you dry coughing? I got something that could go deep throat and scratch your itch.

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