15 Mitochondria Pick Up Lines

Are you studying biology science class? Take advantage of these cheesy & cute are you mitochondria pick up lines. Use the powerhouse mitochondria pick up line that stays true to the theme. Impress your guy or girl with these mitochondria pick up phrases. Easy Copy & Paste!

Mitochondria Pick Up Lines
Are you a mitochondria because you are the powerhouse of my heart.
Are you mitochondria, because you are making me all hot full of energy inside.
Are you mitochondria? Because you give me power to live.
Are you my mitochondria, because you are my only powerhouse in my life.
Are you the Mitochondria? Because you’re the powerhouse of my cell.
Babe, I am going to power your mitochondria.
Did you come with mitochondria? Because my power house is producing a lot of energy.
Girl you are my mitochondria, because without you I have no power to go on.
Girl you want some mitochondria? I know exactly how to get some into you.
Girl, I can penetrate your membrane any time.
Girl, you are my mitochondria because you control my cell.
Once you get a taste of my mitochondria, you will never need another.
The day mitochondria became more than just the powerhouse is where my love for you ends.
You are the mitochondria for the jolt in my pants.
You give me more jolt than a mitochondria!

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