51 Repair Man Pick Up Lines: Cable, Electrician, Plumber

Are you handy with general repairs around the house? Use these contractor and repair man themed pick up lines when you meet that hot girl during your house calls. (Or you can use these lines on your girlfriends and wives when you are helping them fix the broken stuff). However, make sure you do the job right and only use these pick up lines when the time is right. We have a couple of pick up lines for Cable Guy, Carpenter, Electrician, and Plumber in general.

Add more fun and spice into your love life. Simply use them when you are dealing with those specific repairing tasks.

Contractor and Repair Man (Cable Guy, Carpenter, Electrician, Plumber)
Hey, I'm the cable guy, my only policy is that if I hook your cable up, you have to hook mine up!Cable Guy
Hey baby how long/hard is your cable?Cable Guy
Are you a carpenter? Because when you came in the room it became beautiful.Carpenter
Hey let's play carpenter, first we get hammered, I get some wood, and then I nail you.Carpenter
Wanna play carpenter? First we get hammered, then ill nail you!Carpenter
You’re a carpenter’s wet dream–flat as a board and easy to nail.Carpenter
Hey carpenter, I'm hammered. Want to nailed me?Carpenter
I am a carpenter, I want to nail you.Carpenter
Are you a carpenter? Because you're giving me wood!Carpenter
Your eyes are like wrenches ..... they make my nuts tighten.Contractor
I always wear my hard hat, baby.Contractor
Fuck me if I am wrong, but you want to screw me, don't you?Contractor
Hey! Ya wanna try out my new 'Home Artificial Insemination Kit?'Contractor
I have a job for you.... but it blowsContractor
I'm not an expert in hardware, but I know that you'd be able to screw my nutsContractor
I've got a hummer and a vibrator. Which one do you want to test drive first?Contractor
You are the perfect switch. You turn me on.Electrician
Can I earth you? You seem to be at a high potential.Electrician
You are my AA battery, you charge me upElectrician
If you were a burger at McDonald's, you would be the new McShock.Electrician
Baby are you the secondary winding to my transformer, I feel magnetically coupled to you.Electrician
You and I are so perfect, want to make a complete circuit?Electrician
Baby your ass is rounder than a motor's rotor.Electrician
You are like a 250 W halogen, you brighten my world.Electrician
Guy: You are the light of my life. Girl: You turn me on.Electrician
Are you a electrician? Because when you came in I felt a gilt of energy.Electrician
Are you an electrician? Because you turn me on.Electrician
I don't usually like being shocked, but when I saw you I was knocked off my feet!Electrician
I'm an electrician, let me remove your shortsElectrician
I am an electrician, I want to give you a jolt of my high voltage juice,Electrician
I am a HVAC installer, I want to heat you up and cool you down.HVAC Installer
Are you a plumber? Because that is a solid career choice with a decent wage and I crave stability.Plumber
Can I tinker with your pipes?Plumber
I don’t normally plunge into a relationship, but tonight I’ll make an exception.Plumber
I have a dirty job. I’m a plumber.Plumber
I hope you're a plumber because you got my pipe leakingPlumber
I wanna flush your pipes, baby.Plumber
I'll only use rigid pipe in your rim holes.Plumber
I’m a sucker for a man who knows how to use his equipment.Plumber
If there's anything I know how to do the right way... it's lay pipe. I'm happy to prove it!Plumber
Is that your boyfriend? Because that’d throw a real wrench in my plansPlumber
Is your father a plumber? Because when you come in the room, it seems so clogged.Plumber
Let’s become a potty of two tonight.Plumber
Plumber? I hardly even know her.Plumber
That is quite an elbow joint.Plumber
That tool belt really brings out the color in your eyes!Plumber
Toi-let me be your valentine would be the greatest honor.Plumber
Tonight was almost down the drain… until you walked in.Plumber
Want to see my tool?Plumber
You’re flooding my heart with emotions.Plumber
I am a plumber, I want to ream you with my plunger.Plumber

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