32 Tattoo Pick Up Lines

Like someone’s tattoo and want to flirt? Use these funny and cheesy tattoo pick up lines to help you get the attention. Compliment how good and nice their tattoos are. These tattoo pick up lines are perfect so that you could get in the game.

Tattoo Pick Up Line 
Amazing Tattoo, amazing Tits Too.
Amazing tattoo, I want the same thing you have.
Are you a tattoo? Because I want you on me.
Babe, if getting tattoo is a crime, then I need to see more evidence.
Can I take a picture of you? So that I could show my Tattoo artist what I want.
Come tattoo my lips with yours.
Cool tattoo, can I have a taste of it?
Did the tattoo hurt? Or did it hurt more when you fell from heaven.
Do you have a tattoo? Because I found everyone else here too plain.
Do you know I have tattoo on my penis? Come to my place and find out.
Girl you are the like the tattoo that I have been looking for, I want to be stuck with you for the rest of my life.
Girl, you look so hot with that tattoo.
I actually have a tattoo on my ass that says your name, want to check it out?
I am not a tattoo artist, but I do know how to place pleasurable marks on you for a lifetime.
I have the same tattoo, how about a date?
I like your tattoos, can I see more?
I lost my tattoos, can I have yours?
I love your tattoos, but I love you more.
I would look at your tattoos for the rest of my life.
I'm taken, but show me your tattoos and I'll think about it.
Is that a tattoo under your shirt, I just found the sign that I have been looking for.
Nice tattoo, can I see all of it?
One tattoo that you always wanted?
That looks so sexy, and the tattoo is pretty nice too.
Want to see more of my tattoos? We gotta go somewhere private.
What does your tattoo mean?
You are so stunning beautiful that I didn't even notice this amazing tattoo you got.
You got no tattoo? I'll help with that tattoo virginity of yours.
You have tattoos all over your body? When can I see the rest of them?
You want to see my tattoos? We need to do some Tit for Tat exchanges.
Your tattoos are not the only thing that I want to get into.
Your tattoos are so amazing you made me forget my pick up line.

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