35 Cow Pick Up Lines

Do you know if the guy or girl who you like loves cows? For some reasons they are quite a number of people’s favorite animals. Flirt with your loved one or try to strike up new conversations. Start talking with that cute girl or guy with these pick up sayings about cows. They are the best to be used at special events where there are cows present. Consider using them at Chick-fil-a’s dress up as a cow day, or any kind of cow related shows or events. Find occasions where you can make these clever and funny cow related pick up lines work!

Cow Pick Up Lines 
Are you a bull? Because I want to ride you.
Are you hay fever? Because you made me love sick.
Can I cover you with butter and grill you all night?
Did you just take a milk bath? Your skin are so soft and smooth.
Do you know a cow can lick its nose? I can't lick mine, but I can lick yours.
Do you like men who take herding seriously?
Do you live on a cow farm? Because you sure know how to milk a cow.
Don't have a cow... but I love your utters!
Ducks go quack, cows go moo, let me stick it in and you'll go "Oooooh".
Have you been to my farm? I make the best milkshakes.
Have you ever milked a cow before? Because your gonna need a bucket for this too.
Hello cowboy/cowgirl, love your boots.
Hello sexy, moove your body!
Hi. I'm horny.
Holy Cow! You look exactly like the woman in my dream
I bet we would raise good cows together.
I have a fevah. I think I need some more cowbell...
I love making cheese, do you?
I will worship you like how they worship a cow in India?
I would love to graze your field.
I'm great at hitting the bull's eye.
I’d like to raise your barn.
I’ll trade you a juicy cantaloupe for some of your cow's horn.
I’ve never seen a cow horn so big. Impressive.
If you were a grassland, I would graze you.
Moo with me.
My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard,
And they're like
It's better than yours,
Damn right it's better than yours,
I can teach you,
But I have to charge

I know you want it,
The thing that makes me,
What the guys go crazy for.
So what CAN you feed your cows and better yet, what can you hand feed me?
This may seem cheesy, but you make me really horny.
To me you're more special than Octavia the 8-legged cow.
You are so "herd" (hot+nerd).
You can milk my cow anytime.
You know cow's horn are not the only thing that is pointy.
You must be the Happy Cow from California, because I want to say CHEESE.
You will look great naked on that cow hide carpet.

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