45 Insect and Bug Pick Up Lines

Is the guy or girl you are interested into bugs and insects? We have compiled pick up lines for Entomologist, nature person, and bug lovers. Use these pick up lines to flirt with reference to many common bugs. They feature all types of insects including bee, butterfly, termite, mosquito, spider, and more.

Entomologist, Insect and Bug Pick Up Lines
Are you a fly guy? Because you sweep me off my feet.
Are you a termite? Because you're about to have a mouth full of wood.
Are you good at dissecting insects? Good. There's something I want you to see inside my fly.
Bee mine.
Bee my love.
Bee my drone.
Bee my honey.
Bee my queen.
Boy: "So you going to be a butterfly all night?" Girl: (puzzled look) Boy: "You know, pretty to see but hard to catch!"
Do you have some bug spray? Because I have butterflies in my tummy
Don't worry, that ain't web fluid. (Spider)
Every day with you is like a honeymoon.
Gimme a buzz and I'll bee yours.
Hey baby, what do you say we go out for a bite! (Mosquito)
Hi, do you dissect insects for scientific research? (No, why?) I thought you might want to look inside my fly.
High five! Oops! I guess you're stuck with me.
Honey, I'm stuck on you.
Honey, you're the bee's knees!
Honey, your thorax is huge!
How about we get together and cross pollinate?
I don't think you're ready for my royal jelly.
I got fleas! [Me, too] Wanna scratch my private itches? [Sure]
I used to waste time chasing butterflies , but nowadays because of you, I have them in my stomach.
I want you more than a Giant Sider wants light.
I will be happy to bite you.
I'm getting kinda hungry. Wanna have sex? (Female Praying Mantis)
I’m the flower, you’re the bee. Why don’t you suck the sweet pollen right out of me?
If I was a fruit fly, I'd land on you first. Because you are so sweet.
If you were a bee, I'd keep you!
Is that your stinger? Or are you just pleased to see me?
My heart beeats for you.
My spidey sense isn't the only thing tingling.
Pollinate me.
So what do you say later on we go out for some coffee table? (Termite)
This might sting...
Wanna do the waggle dance?
Want to see my butt glow?
What is the difference between me and mosquito? A mosquito will stop sucking once you slap it.
Yeah, my great great grandfather was Jimmy!! (Cricket)
You're bee-utiful.
You're like a butterfly beautiful to see but hard to catch.
You're so hot, you make my colony collapse!
You're sweeter than honey
Your like a bright light and im like a bug, because im so darn attracted to you.
Your sister said you were ugly, so keep my eyes covered and let's get on with it!

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