27 Turtle Pick Up Lines

Are you looking at turtles in an aquarium or a beach with a hot guy or girl? Impress & flirt with turtle pick up lines. These cute and funny turtle pick up lines will help you break the ice. Take advantage of different key turtle puns and funny phrases. Easy Copy & Paste!

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Turtle Pick Up Lines
Anyone ever tell you, you've got one shell of a body?
Are you a turtle? Because I want to reach into your shell.
Are you farm raised or do you have to be wild caught?
Are you looking for a shell of a time?
Babe you are so hot you make my turtle out of my shell.
Babe, I am little a turtle. Because I am about to dig your holes and drop some eggs.
Babe, the only turtle you will see tonight is in my pants.
Babe, you could touch my shell any time.
Girl, I might not be a turtle, but I sure could do it all night long.
Hey are you a turtle? Because I really like turtles.
Hey babe, you can ride my shell anytime.
Hey girl are you a turtle. Because I wanna choke you with my straw.
I ain't going to Turtling my turtle anymore.
I am naturally cold-blooded, but how about you give me a chance to warm up.
I can be your hero in a half shell.
I enjoy cocktails and midnight strolls along the beach. And we should dig a giant breeding hole together.
I like turtles and I like you.
I’m large and in charge. Giant, actually. Can you handle it?
I'd stick my neck out for you out of my shell.
Let's shellebrates tonight.
Let's take things slow. Because turtle is the only speed I've got.
My shell or yours?
Wanna create some adorable little hatchings of our own?
What did the cow say to the turtle? Get a moove on.
What do you call a turtle with a hard on? A slow poke.
Whats a turtle without his shell homeless or naked? I guess its time for me to get you out of your shell.
You are the one for me. Because I shell out my love for you.

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