152 Smash Bros Pick Up Line

Use these Super Smash Bros pick up lines to help you impress guys or chicks. Some of these funny and clean pick up lines with Smash Bros will help! Many of these have been compiled and collected from other online sources. These Smash Bros pickup lines featuring iconic phrases and moves, important Smash Bros mechanics and features.

They can sometimes be funny and dirty too. Good luck using these best pickup lines to help you pick up guys or girls alike. Because there are many versions of Smash Bros, be flexible and use what is applicable for your version. Consider adjusting with the character moves and game play concepts. They should match with the version that you or your significant other is playing.

Use these pick up lines for Smash Bros during tournaments, Smash house party. Or flirt with girls and guys who generally just love the game.

Super Smash Bros Pick Up Line
Are you a Charizard? Cuz you're so hot you're on fire.
Are you cloud? Because you're my final fantasy.
Are you fox? Cuz you shine like the stars and set my heart on FIYAAAAH  multishine noises
Are you Kirby or Yoshi? Either way you swallow me whole.
Are you Kirby, you suck me good.
Ay girl, are you a Fox? 'Cuz you be Shinin'.
Babe, we don't need no training mode to get our smash on. Let's get down and have a great time.
Babe, your physical attacks are no match for my magical stick.
Baby you are top tier.
Baby, you make me feel like little mac; I've fallen for you, and I can't recover.
Being good at smash bro, is all about timing and positioning, with that, I learned how to smash good in bed too.
Call me Yoshi, cause I could tongue you, butt smash you, and reach for your eggs.
Can I call you Diddy Kong? Cuz you drive me bananas!
Can I call you Palutena? Cuz you're a goddess.
Can I call you Sonic? Cuz you make my heart race.
Can I call you Wario? Cuz you- wait, no, that would be insulting.
Can I squirtle on your pikachu?
Can I super smash you with my bros?
Did you just get hit by PK fire? Cause you are flamin'.
Did you know that love only hurts because Team Attack is on?
Did you know that this move extends, babe?
Do you prefer the perfect shield protection or the perfect dodge pull out?
Do you smash bros? I am a bro.
Do you want to rest together?
Falcon Dive into that pussy.
Forget about grinding for Spirit Points in Smash Bro, time to grind for Sex Points.
Girl are you peach? Your side B move is destroying me.
Girl you are my legendary spirit.
Girl you complete me and fill up all of the slots of my primary spirit.
Girl you must have so many people wanting you, well, consider a new fighter joins the battle today!
Girl, my sword gets stronger the closer you are to me
Girl, you ain't just another trophy in my collection.
Girl, you are my Final Destination.
Girl, you are no match for this Master Hand.
Girl, you make the Solid Snake in my pants grow bigger than Ridley eating a Super Mushroom.
Girl, you won't be able to air dodge this.
Guess why they call me master hand, it's time to take off the glove.
Help me out this sweet super smash move, and see how far I could knock you up.
Hey babe, I'll charge my smash as long as possible to take you to heaven.
Hey baby, are you Geno? Because you’re not confirmed but I want you bad.
Hey baby, I play smash bros, and was just wondering if I could be the armored suit to your Samus
Hey baby, lets climb a mountain together and You could be my Nana and I could be Popo!
Hey darling, I think you're just smashing!
Hey girl, are you a Isabella main? I would love to do you doggie style.
Hey girl, I know you want my Ridley.
Hey girl, I'm electrifying, Pikachu told me so!
Hey girl, wanna Rest together? Don't worry, I'll find that small hitbox and the knockback will be outta this world!
Hey girl, you a Fox main? Because your straight up shining.
Hey girls, let me test out my up attack versus your down smashes.
Hey, are you Roy? Because you're firing up my heart.
Hey, get in your zero suit and I'll F.L.U.D.D. your Jigglypuff.
I am falling deep for you.
I am going to make you come hard out of the world.
I am Megaman, I put on different armors and I know how to use my weapons.
I am playing single player smash now, but feel free to join me anytime.
I can be the perfect Dedede king of your Dreamland
I can teach you some of my advanced techniques.
I could toss and grab you all night long.
I don't care for free for all orgy, all I want is 1 vs 1 action with you.
I don't want anyone else except you, you are my Ultimate.
I hate to juggle, but I sure love to snuggle.
I only need one tipper to get started
I PK Love you!
I smash bros with joysticks, I smash my hoes with my sweet loving sticks.
I want to be in your pits.
I will make you cum out ot the world with my Smash moves.
I work best with the tip of my sword.
I would love to pump you all night long.
I’m going to break your limits and show you a good time.
I’m going to die tomorrow, you want to be my final smash?
I'd don't even need to use PK Fire, you're already hot.
If I let you mess me up in smash, would you let me mess you up in bed?
If I was Corrin, I'd choose to be with you.
If I was Mario, would you be my Peach?
If I was Ness, you'd be my Paula cuz you've got the pk fire and I think you're pk rockin.
If I was olimar and you were a pikmin, I'd pick you first.
If we time our smashes just right, we could go off at the same time.
If we were fire emblem characters, I would definitely want to get that support conversation to S rank.
if you ask to be with mii, I'll be with U.
If you could be Zelda, and I could be your Link hero of time.
If you were a character on Smash roster, I'd choose you.
If you were peach, I wouldn't blame bowser for always wanting to kidnap you.
If you were wii fit trainer, I think wii would work out.
I'll break that shield you got down.
I'll explore every part of you to get to those rewards.
I'll Peek at You.
I'll show you what I can do with the tip of my sword.
I'm falling for you over the ledge.
Is that a beam sword in your pants or are you just happy to see me?
Is that a missile in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?"
Is your heart ready for a new challenger?
Let me have one grab and i'll dropzone you to heaven
Let me quickly filling up your FS Meter, so you could fully enjoy that strong Final Smash experience.
Let's get to my place to continue this combo.
Let's get to Smash quick play.
Let's just say I know all the techniques to hit all your sensitive spots and controls.
Let's Pound and then Rest.
Let's practice our hit boxes in person.
Let's try Meteor Smash into your bed?
Mario is Red, Sonic is Blue. Press start to join and you will be my player two.
Mind if I call you Lucas? Cuz I pk love you.
My reflector isn't the only thing that can come out in 1 frame
My shell is not the only thing with spikes on it. For her pleasure.
My single stock is going to outlast all of yours, want to try?
My smash roster is incomplete without you.
My tipper game is on point.
Once I strike you down, you won't want to get up from the intense pleasure.
Once you get a taste of my falcon punch, you will never want another bird.
People say Bayonetta has a nice ass, but I like yours better.
Prepare yourself, In bed.
Ready for some smash action tonight?
Show me ya boobs!
Show me your moves, I'll show you mine.
Sleep with me, it'll be explosive.
Sleep with the kid 😉
Smash bro online or on the bed?
Some call me donkey kong cause i will pound you with my massive dong.
Stop taunting me with your beauty.
These fingers can do more than wavedash
Time to grab and roll.
Wanna know what's longer than marth's tipper?
Wanna see if my ridley is too big for your smash?
Wanna see my Solid Snake game?
Wanna Smash all night long?
Want to get intimate with some pesronal melee actions?
Want to get physically fit together?
Want to see how well I play with "King Dedede?"
Want to Smash and Chill?
We'd make a great matchup. I'd take you to Dream Land every time.
Whenever I'm with you, Kirby isn't the only one living in Dreamland.
Where we are going, we will do it raw without any items.
With you, my path is always clear.
You and me, pick any random stage and we will smash it good.
You and Me. Final Destination.
You are my Dreamland.
You are my World of Light.
You are purely smashing.
You are totally my type, I am absolutely weak against you.
You can call me Roy- I just wanna be your boy.
You got me at 300%.
You got your tilt attacks, and I got my tilt D moves.
You must be a Falco because you stunned me from the moment I walked into the room.
You must be Kirby, suck me now and make my powers yours.
You must have just landed a Rest because you blow me away.
You remind me of Samus; I love what I see, but I wanna know what's underneath.
Your beauty has broken every last bit of my shield and stunned me.
Your passion had totally hit me and blown me away.
You're just like King Dedede, you're already perfect and don't need to copy anyone else.
You're just like Pit - you're an angel.
You're the Luma to my Rosalina - together we're great, but without you I'm hopeless.
You've got my heart beating at the speed of multishine.
You've got my mind and soul at the first strike.

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