249 Video Games Pick Up Lines

Guys love playing video games, well sometimes girls too. If the person that you are interested loves video games, use these flirty and nerdy pick up lines that are video game themed! Work these pick up lines to help you get the person’s number. Use the best video game themed phrases that are compiled by their titles. Please note that for some of the bigger video game titles, they have a category of their own and are not included with this listing.

Video Games Pick Up Lines  
Hey baby, you wanna see my hidden blade?Assassin's Creed
Like Ezio, I'm great from behind and aboveAssassin's Creed
Flash Man must be nearby because when I saw you time stopped.Astro Boy
Are you Donkey Kong? Because I want to Super Smash.Donkey Kong
I'd jump over a thousand barrels to save you.Donkey Kong
Hay baby, can my patrol enter your Hidden Vally?Fall Out
Hey, you wanna rig my shotgun?Fall Out
wanna mod my Gauss Rifle?Fall Out
Baby, do you need a phoenix down? Because you're drop dead gorgeous!Final Fantasy
Baby, I'm going to have to summon Shiva, because you're just too hot!Final Fantasy
Baby, I'm gonna take you all around the world… in my flying airship. No doubt built by Cid.Final Fantasy
Baby, you look beautiful and pure, just like Aeris.Final Fantasy
Cloud: My hair's not the only thing that's pointy right now!Final Fantasy
Get down with me, baby, and I'll make you have a Limit Break all night long.Final Fantasy
Guess what you and Ifirit have in common?Final Fantasy
Hey baby, do you prefer turn based or atb?Final Fantasy
Hey, I got a bronze bed you can use for a quest. It's in my mog house, let's go get it.Final Fantasy
I know my way around the cleft of dimension, want me to show you?Final Fantasy
I lost my linkshell, can I have yours?Final Fantasy
I've got a full set of leather equips back at my Mog HouseFinal Fantasy
If I were Cloud and you were Tifa, I'd be glad aeris died.Final Fantasy
Let's breed chocobos… the old-fashioned way!Final Fantasy
Like an Umbreon, I also evolve at night.Final Fantasy
Wanna go chocobo riding together?Final Fantasy
Will you be my final fantasy?Final Fantasy
You are my final fantasy.Final Fantasy
You must be an aeon, because you answered my call and dropped down from heaven. Plus you smell like Bahamut.Final Fantasy
You should audition for the next final fantasy! You're already one for me.Final Fantasy
Zidane: You wanna see something my tail can do?Final Fantasy
All I have to do is press "X" to pick up a weapon. Does that work for picking you up as well?First Person Shooting Game
Are you a care package? Because you must've fallen from heaven.First Person Shooting Game
Are you up for a little tactical insertion?First Person Shooting Game
Are you using hacks? Cause as soon as you joined this lobby I got a hardened perk.First Person Shooting Game
Care to come over for my house for a little co-op?First Person Shooting Game
Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I rejoin this lobby?First Person Shooting Game
Do you like my long barrel?First Person Shooting Game
Even if you were wearing a ghillie suit, you'd still be the most beautiful girl here.First Person Shooting Game
Even though it would mess up my K/D ratio, I'd die a million deaths if it meant I could be with you.First Person Shooting Game
Getting this tactical nuke was the hardest thing I've ever done. I hope getting your phone number won't be as difficult.First Person Shooting Game
Girl, you should never pick up a ballistic vest - it would be a shame to cover up your two best attachments.First Person Shooting Game
How 'bout we meet at Underpass and I'll Tactically insert you.First Person Shooting Game
How many COD points does it take to unlock you?First Person Shooting Game
I think something is wrong with my auto-aim. I can't take my eyes off you.First Person Shooting Game
I use Full Metal Jacket for deeper penetration.First Person Shooting Game
I would run around the world for you... without lightweight.First Person Shooting Game
I'd catch a grenade for you... it's ok, I've got FlakJacket pro!First Person Shooting Game
If you were a map pack, I'd download you.First Person Shooting Game
Let me know when you're close, so I can use my blast shield. It was a mess last time.First Person Shooting Game
Sticky going out! Sorry, you're just that hot!First Person Shooting Game
That's not an m60 in my pants, I'm just happy to see you.First Person Shooting Game
The odds of meeting a girl as amazing as you, are the same as the odds of hitting a no-scope shot from across the map.First Person Shooting Game
Wanna leave this lobby and go into a private match?First Person Shooting Game
Watch out girl, my predator missile is coming at you from behind!First Person Shooting Game
What class are you using? Because when I press select, you're at the top of my list.First Person Shooting Game
You gave me hardened pro in just 6 seconds.First Person Shooting Game
You just made me shoot a MOAB in my pants.First Person Shooting Game
You're so hot, you warm my cold-blooded heart.First Person Shooting Game
How 'bout coming back to my place and helping me work on my next montage - it won't be a Call of Duty one this time.First Person Shooting Game; Call of Duty
You play call of Duty? 'Cause I'm search and destroy that ass.First Person Shooting Game; Call of Duty
Are you a Wii? Because I love your joystickGaming Equipment
Are you Alienware? Because you are out of this worldGaming Equipment
I want to wear you like a Razer headsetGaming Equipment
I'm like an Xbox; I can go 360 all night longGaming Equipment
If I were an NES cartridge would you blow me?Gaming Equipment
I think something's wrong with my auto-aim, because I can't take my eyes off you.General
I usually press "X" to pick up weapons. Does that work for picking YOU up as well?General
Are you a vault hunter, because you've got a loot chest that I want to open.General
Don't worry babe, I'm a gamer, so you can trust me to be good with my fingers.General
I can keep going all night, i have auto-refresh!General
I need an extra heart. Can I have yours?General
I need experience points. Will you help?General
I took an arrow to the knee! From cupid, after seeing you.General
I'd raid your dungeon.General
I'll never skip the cutscenes of your conversationGeneral
I'll slam you against the wall like my controllerGeneral
I'll wait for you like I wait for Steam salesGeneral
I'm on a quest for your heartGeneral
I've got one heart left and it's beeping for you.General
It's dangerous to go alone! Here, take this! (Hold their hand)General
My K/D ratio is flawless, but I'd die a million deaths if it meant I could be with you.General
Nice skirt you're wearing, what's the drop rate?General
Sit on my lap and watch me "level up."General
Wanna take a side quest… to the bedroom?General
Will you be my player two?General
Would you like to form an alliance?General
You have the key to my chest, inside is my heartGeneral
You must be lava, you're so hot and I can't help falling in youGeneral
You're like a cutscene – beautiful at first but then you never shut up.General
Your body is like an open world, I never want to stop exploringGeneral
Your daddy must've been a level 40 thief with special ninja gloves because he stole the stars and put them in your eyes.General
Your heart is like a dungeon; large and full of treasureGeneral
Is your heart a Simeon vehicle? Because I want to steal it and have people chase me for itGrand Theft Auto
Looking at you makes me feel like Gordon Freeman...speechless.Half-Life
(eyeing the breast plate) I am a master dual wielder. Mind if I give those a go?Halo
Are we playing Assault? Cause I'm pretty sure you are the bomb.Halo
Are you a planet? Because I can see your HaloHalo
Are you impressed with how I handle my sniper? You should see what I can do with the weapon I pack under my armor.Halo
Do you need a Magnum because I've got one right here for you. In my pants.Halo
I think something is wrong with my auto-aim. I can't take my eyes off you.Halo
I think something's wrong with my auto-aim, because I can't take my eyes off you.Halo
I usually press "X" to pick up weapons. Does that work for picking YOU up as well?Halo
I was following the indicator of where to score and it brought me to you.Halo
I would like to gain access to your base. Shall I enter from the front or the rear?Halo
I'm like a plasma grenade. Let me get on you and you are guaranteed to explode.Halo
What do you say I take my flag to your base and score?Halo
When I came near you, the announcer said "unfreakinbelievable"... I would have to agree.Halo
You wanna ride on my 'hog?Halo
Are you my somebody? 'Cause I'd like to become one with you.Kingdom Hearts
Baby, did you just cast aeroga? Because you swept me off my feet.Kingdom Hearts
Baby, did you just cast blizzaga? Because time froze when I met you!Kingdom Hearts
Baby, did you just cast firaga? Because you set my heart aflame!Kingdom Hearts
Baby, did you just cast graviga? Because you are out of this world!Kingdom Hearts
Baby, did you just cast thundaga? Because you are electrifying!Kingdom Hearts
Baby, not even Namine could erase my memories of you.Kingdom Hearts
Did you just cast stopga? Because my heart just skipped a beat when I saw you.Kingdom Hearts
Girl, I'd share a paopu with you any day.Kingdom Hearts
Girl, is your name Roxas? Because you're rocking that ass.Kingdom Hearts
I can unlock your Wonderland.Kingdom Hearts
I have never found true love, until you opened the Kingdom to my Heart.Kingdom Hearts
I think you might be a heartless because you just stole my heart.Kingdom Hearts
I'll make sure the Road to Dawn is a loud one.Kingdom Hearts
I'll put my keyblade in your keyhole.Kingdom Hearts
Is that a keyblade in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?Kingdom Hearts
Without you, I feel like I'm in a world that never was.Kingdom Hearts
Call me Kirby, 'cause I'm talking you to Dreamland.Kirby
Once you go Demacian you never go back, I Garen – tee it.League of Legends
Shall we go to your safehouse or mine?Left 4 Dead
Are you a Deku Nut? Because you're stunning me.Legend of Zelda
Are you a part of the Triforce? Because you're my missing Link.Legend of Zelda
Are you wearing the Pegasus Boots? Because you've been running though my mind all day.Legend of Zelda
Baby, I've been Z-targeting you all night.Legend of Zelda
Do you have the Mirror Shield? Because I can really see myself in your tunic.Legend of Zelda
Hey baby, can I buy you a potion?Legend of Zelda
How 'bout you come back to my place and I show you my LongshotLegend of Zelda
I better put on my Goron tunic, because you're too damn hot.Legend of Zelda
I must have defeated a boss, because I just found a heart container.Legend of Zelda
I wanna make you wetter than the Zora Temple.Legend of Zelda
I'd better buy a bigger bag, because you are the BOMB!Legend of Zelda
I'd better put on my Goron tunic, because you're too damn hot.Legend of Zelda
I'm gonna be Bigocto this time, and I'm gonna suck you up.Legend of Zelda
I'm not possessed by Majora's Mask, I'm just crazy for you.Legend of Zelda
I've got one heart left and its beeping for you.Legend of Zelda
Want to fuse Kinstones? I'd bet they fit perfectly.Legend of Zelda
What's a girl like you doing in a Forest Temple like this?Legend of Zelda
You are hotter than Din's fire.Legend of Zelda
You light my Deku Stick on fire.Legend of Zelda
You must be King Dodongo, because I really want to explode inside your mouth.Legend of Zelda
You should come back to my place. My master sword needs to be polished.Legend of Zelda
You're not 18 yet? No problem, I know the Song of Time.Legend of Zelda
You're the Zelda to my LinkLegend of Zelda
You know what the difference is between ME3 and me? Play with me and the ending will be satisfyingMass Effect
Are you a lever? Because you turn me on.Mindcraft
Are you a pig? Because I wanna ride you.Mindcraft
Are you a slimeball? Cause you make my piston stickyMindcraft
Are you a torch? Because you light up my world.Mindcraft
Do you have a Diamond Pickaxe? Because I'm as hard as Obsidian.Mindcraft
I must be gravel, because I'm falling for you.Mindcraft
I'd like to fertilize your crops with my bonemeal.Mindcraft
I'm like a zombie and you're like the sun - you light me on fire!Mindcraft
If we lived in Minecraft, I'd build you a mansion out of nether quartzMindcraft
If you were ore, I'd mine you all night long!Mindcraft
Is that a creeper in your pants or are you just happy to see me?Mindcraft
You must be a pressure plate, because you turn me on.Mindcraft
You must be a redstone torch, because you're extending my piston!Mindcraft
You must be from nether, because you are out of this world.Mindcraft
You must be ice, because I've been waiting to pick you up for a long time.Mindcraft
You must be made of bonemeal, cause you make me grow 10 feet tall.Mindcraft
Are you Mortal Kombat? Your beauty has finished meMortal Kombat
Are you sitting on the F5 key? Because that ass is refreshingOnline Gaming
Are you the patch notes? Because I can't get enough of youOnline Gaming
Full character customization could never capture your beautyOnline Gaming
Grind with me, but not the leveling kindOnline Gaming
I can be your favorite legendary mountOnline Gaming
Wat out... I just ate a big dot and I'm coming after you.Pac-Man
You give me pac-man fever. AMA AMA AMA AMA AMA!Pac-Man
It takes two to play PongPong
It is said some lives are linked across time. Connected by an ancient calling that echoes through the ages. Destiny.Prince of Persia
Not even the sands of time could pull us apart.Prince of Persia
Can I show you how it feels to wear a Deadlock suit?Ratchet & Clank
Excuse me but I think you could give me enough XP to upgrade my Blitz Cannon.Ratchet & Clank
Are you a telo-eksplosija?? Because you're blowing up my mindResident Evil
I'm not a zombieResident Evil
Is that a Handcannon in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?Resident Evil
I want you to fus ro my dahSkyrim
Girl, I've got a gold ring with your name on it.Sonic the Hedgehog
Man, I feel like Sonic in the water, 'cause you've got breathless.Sonic the Hedgehog
Are you related to Glass Joe? Because you're an easy Knockout!Street Fighter
Are you a magic feather? Because my heart just grew a tail, and flew away.Super Mario Brothers
Are you a magic flower? Because you are burning me up.Super Mario Brothers
Are you a magic mushroom? Because you are making me grow.Super Mario Brothers
For you I would travel all levels around the world.Super Mario Brothers
I know how Mario must feel, 'cause I really want to clean your pipes.Super Mario Brothers
I want to ride you harder than Mario rides Yoshi.Super Mario Brothers
I'd rather ride you than Yoshi any day.Super Mario Brothers
If I had the choice, I'd spend my 100 coins on you instead of on an extra life.Super Mario Brothers
If Princess Toadstool looked anything like you, I would have killed Bowser years ago!Super Mario Brothers
If you were a warp tube, I'd be in you all day.Super Mario Brothers
My princess is in this castle.Super Mario Brothers
Rose are #FF000; Violet are #0000FF; All my base are belong to you.Super Mario Brothers
They don't call me Super for nothing.Super Mario Brothers
Wanna play with my magic whistle?Super Mario Brothers
You don't have to turn on a game to play with me.Super Mario Brothers
You're the Princess Peach to my MarioSuper Mario Brothers
Mario is red, Sonic is blue. Why don't you hit select and be my player two?Super Mario Brothers; Sonic the Hedgehog
Plumbers are Red; Hedgehogs are Blue; Press Start to join, and be my player Two.Super Mario Brothers; Sonic the Hedgehog
You're the last Tetris piece I needTetris
Are yer legs tired? Cause you been runnin' through China, Venice, a buncha gun-totin' side-steppin' goons, an' my mind all night.Tomb Raider
Call me Lara Croft because I'm about to go Tomb Raiding.Tomb Raider
Hey, Lara. Can I raid your tomb?Tomb Raider
I've got an idea for a dig I think you'll be interested in...Tomb Raider
Is it true what they say about British duchesses?Tomb Raider
Lean close, put chyer lips to her shell-like ear, an' whisper the Nude Raider cheat codes.Tomb Raider
Nice guns, but ya really should accept no substitutes.Tomb Raider
So it's all about survival with you, huh? Wanna help the species survive?Tomb Raider
There's a Himalayan idol somewhere in my pants.Tomb Raider
Wanna see who's got the longer Dagger of Xian?Tomb Raider
Want me to raid your tomb?Tomb Raider
Whoa! Those pants make even yer butt look buff!Tomb Raider
Are you a vendor, because I'd like to browse your goods.World of Warcraft
Baby, being with me is like a Paladin casting Divine Shield. It'll last about 10 seconds and you won't feel a thing.World of Warcraft
Can I raid your molten core?World of Warcraft
Come on, girl... I have the blessing of protection!World of Warcraft
Do ya wanna grind?World of Warcraft
Do you feel it? And that just my aura.World of Warcraft
Do you play World of Warcraft? Because you make me say WoWWorld of Warcraft
Forget that rogue. As a Druid, I've got the strength AND the agility.World of Warcraft
Have you ever procced flurry on a Gizmo-tron jackhammer?World of Warcraft
Hey Girl, do ya wanna socket my gem?World of Warcraft
Hunters do it from 41 yards away.World of Warcraft
I have a libram of the Kama Sutra.World of Warcraft
I'm no Kobald, but you can take my candle anytime!World of Warcraft
I've heard that you are an Epic mount.World of Warcraft
Looking for GroupWorld of Warcraft
My divine purpose is to please you.World of Warcraft
My Heart is BOP and you just rolled NeedWorld of Warcraft
My staff can use a little enchant. I have mats and will tip!World of Warcraft
Nice pants, baby. What's the drop rate?World of Warcraft
Us druids are known for our longevity.World of Warcraft
Wait till you see what my combo points can do in the bed room.World of Warcraft
Wanna take my Swift Pink Hawkstrider for a ride?World of Warcraft
Want to get hammered by justice?World of Warcraft
Want to touch my Staff of Rampant Growth?World of Warcraft
Warlocks are masters of shadow magic. That means we do it in the dark.World of Warcraft
Why don't you seduce me? My resistance is low.World of Warcraft
Yeah, that's right... I'm hung like a tauren.World of Warcraft
You can summon my Imp!World of Warcraft
You must be a Rogue because I was stunned when I first saw you.World of Warcraft
You must be whitemane, because you just made my champion arise!World of Warcraft
Your eyes are so blue, they remind me of 24 stam gems.World of Warcraft

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