19 Chipotle Pick Up Lines

Do you or your date love or plan on having Chipotle? Are you having a date night or lunch over Chipotle? Use these spicy and hot Chipotle themed pick up lines to flirt and impress your date. They feature common themes including burrito, proteins, and their business slogans or strategies. Enjoy and hope you will score more than a burrito or taco!

Chipotle Pick Up Line 
Are you Chipotle, because I want to eat you in so many ways in so many combinations.
Are you made in Chipotle, because you are hot and I want more.
Babe, I want to cultivate a better world with you.
Babe, I want to wrap around you like some hot and spicy Chipotle burrito.
Baby, you wanna get Chipot-laid tonight?
Chicken, Steak, Barbacoa, Carnitas, Sofritas, or My tasty man based protein?
Chipotle burritos make horny, and we should totally get some for dinner tonight.
Chipotles burritos are like sex, and girl I always finish last.
Day after day, I am committed to sourcing the very best techniques I can find, and pleasuring you by hand.
Did you get some Chipotle tonight? Good because I like to eat my girl with integrity.
Do you want some Chipotle, I will do some free delivery straight to your bedroom.
Girl, I got all the Avacadough you could dream of.
Girl, what we are about to do, there is no double wrapping.
Give this hog some space and it will be a healthy beast up for your pure satisfaction.
Hey baby, is your name Chipotle? Because I crave you all the time.
I want you more than a Chipotle chip wants guacamole.
It's time to practice some safe Mex with this Chipotle order.
Will you be my Burritas?
You are burritoful.

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