147 Deli Pick Up Lines (Meat – Cold Cut, Cheese, Bread, Sandwich)

Are you waiting in line inside a deli or sandwich shop like Subway? Or just hanging around the deli section of supermarkets such as Winco, Stater Bro, or even Wal-Mart? We have compiled a number of sandwich and deli related pick up phrases. Break the ice with that cute girl or guy now with these tasty and delicious pick up lines. These cold cut, sandwich and cheese pick up lines are cheesy enough to help you. Enjoy and have fun with these flirty sayings!

Deli Pick Up lines(Meat – Cold Cut, Cheese, Bread, Sandwich)
Are you a bread dough? Because I'd knead you.
Are you a frito because your really corny
Are you an assorted cheese platter? Because I want to taste every part of you.
Are you espresso? Because I like you a latte.
Are you interested in a fromage a trois?
Are you into salads? Because I think I’m falling in lovage.
Baby do you like deli meat? Come back to my place and I will let you try the sausage.
Baby I love you like a fat man loves premium deli meat!
Bag it and tag it.
Bet you've never seen a kielbasa like that, huh?
Can I double stuff your pastrami sandwich?
Can I have a waffle cone, and 2 scoops of you.
Can I sprinkle some sea salt on your salad?
Can you pass the coffee and sugar because you just made me cream in my pants
Can you put some hot sauce on my meat loaf, I need some spice in my life
Come on baby, sex is like meat loaf: Even if it's bad, it's still pretty good.
Do like meat and ass? Can i stick my meat in ur ass
Do you know the difference between a sandwich and a blow job? No! Well in that case, D'ya wanna do lunch?
Do you like Bacon? Wanna strip?
Do you like Braunschweiger girl? because I'd put my weiner between those buns
Do you like chocolate, because your gonna choke alot on this dick
Do you like Cool Whip on your pie, because its gonna be Cool to whip this dick in yo face
Do you like corned beef? If not can I have yours?
Do you like Jalapenos?...Because in a minute imma be jalapeno pu**y.
Do you like pudding? Because after I finish my sandwich I'll be pudding this dick in your mouth
Do you prefer Espresso or brewed coffee for your morning coffee?
Do you wanna come over? I'm feeling provolonely.
Do you want chips with that sandwich?
Do you want to sandwich? My salami in your buns.
Dressing on the side?
Girl you're sweet as the cookie that I get with my sandwich, can I taste u "Now And Later"
Girl your like a candy bar half nuts n half sweet!
Girl......you are like a tall glass of water. And im telling youuuu straight up im thirsty.
God put as much work into you as a fine piece of artisan cheese.
Gurl, you remind me of a box of chocolates.....(Why?) Cause I want to take your top off.
Gurl, you should sell beerwurst. Because you already know how to make a weiner stand.
Have you ever stuck a sausage through a bagel? Do you want to?
Hershey factories make millions of kisses a day, but I'm asking for only one.
Hey ,they call me coffee because I grind so fine
Hey babe, how about some prosciutto and some sex? [Slap] HEY! What's wrong, you don't like prosciutto?
Hey baby, do you want to get lunch or do you want to be lunch?
Hey girl, you look real gouda.
Hey girl, your butte is outta this world.
Hey you thirsty, because I can give you the Sunny-D
Holy guacamole, I'd love for you to pad thai me up, place your hot dog between my buns and do your worcestershire to me.
How about a 12" hot Italisn
How about a little slap and tickle with your soup and pickle
How about a ride on the bologna pony?
How about we check out the new deli and write about it on my food blog?
How hot does your gas oven get?
I always read the Menu, because there is always me and you
I am NOT a bologna sandwich.
I can last as long as a Mozzarella cheese.
I can't control myself around you. You turn me into a muenster.
I could rack my grain and still wouldn't be able to think of a prettier girl than you.
I don't know much about sandwich but DAMN you make the cheese melts inside my grill cheese sandwich
I don't mean to brag, but I'm grate in bread.
I got an extra slice for you.
I have a bunch of fresh cut roast beef back at my place.
I have got your pound of meat right here baby.
I just scored a rare sampling of imported olive oils; wanna come back to my place for a tasting?
I know milk does a body good, but damn girl, how much have you been drinking?
I know we just met, but will you reuben me?
I like my women, like I like my Mortadella, cured and packed with olives.
I love the way you move...like butter on a bald monkey.
I love you l like a hot stove baby! I will put a bun in your oven!
I may acting like a ham, but you can be rest assured I'm 100% kosher.
I wanna butter your toast and eat you for breakfast.
I wanna open your bread basket and eat a BOLOGNA sandwich.
I want to grow mold with you. Just like blue cheese.
I want you more then a smoothie on a hot summer day.
I would love to relish you.
I would so make your sandwich
I'd take you to the deli but theres nothing more delicatessen than you
I'll have the club sandwich and fries and your number to go.
I'm a master baker.
I'm a stud muffin baby, why don't you take a bite?
I'm German, do you want to see my weinerschnitzel?
I'm going to make you breakfast...Omellete you suck this dick.
I'm like chocolate pudding, I may not look that good but I taste great
I've gotta thirst, baby, and you smell like my milkshake
I’m local, all natural, homemade and certified organic: wanna taste?
I’m new in town, where’s the best place to get late night BLT?
If I was a chalkboard, would you write the daily special on me?
If it's true that we are what we eat, I could be you by morning!
If sexy were sandwich. you would be double stacked.
If this were an artisan meat market, I would take you home for dinner.
If you get with me, I can promise more than just a gouda time.
If you were a salad, I would drizzle a balsamic reduction all over you.
If you were going to open a deli, what would you call it? Mine would be Devour.
If your lips are foreign imported wine, then I want to get savor each sip.
Insert meat and mayo here.
Is that a pickle in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
Is your Daddy a baker? Because your buns are fantastic!
Just add dressing.
Keep me in the fridge til you want me.
Let's ditch this party and hit the after-havarti at my place.
Let's do breakfast tomorrow. Should I call you or nudge you?
Let's just stay in and curdle tonight.
Let’s pretend you’re a potato salad and I’ll be a spoon. Can I dig in now?
Lunch is on me. I know the best deli in town.
Mmm girl! You so sweet I'm gonna get diabetes!
My crush on you makes me crumble like feta.
Now what's on the menu? Me-n-u
Oh are you craving sausage? Because I'll gladly give you my organic sausage.
Oh my God, that is the hottest thing ever. You made me a sandwich?
Omelette you in on a secret. You and I would brie perfectly gouda. Life would be feta if we were togetha. We'll be grate.
Please brie my valentine.
See this slice of bread? You are the best thing in here since that.
So do you like Italian or salami? [choose one] because i need to know what kind of sandwiches to order you for lunch.
The best buns in town just walked in the door.
Wanna spend the night at my cottage?
We can sandwich toast to orgasms.
What's a nice girl like you doing in a meat market like thi
Will you let me be the avocado in your turkey sandwich?
Without you, my heart feels like swiss cheese – full of holes.
Would you let me cater your event? I want to taste every part of you.
You & Me. Sounds like a great idea, or maybe the name of the next hot deli. You in?
You are a stack of cold cut - without you my sandwiches will be meaningless.
You are my missing ingredient.
You are sexy enough to make me a sandwich.
You are the cheese to my macaroni.
You like making sandwiches?
You look gouda nuff to eat.
You look like a bowl of macaroni salad, I just gotta spoon you.
You look like a piece of pastry inside the glass display case that I'm dying to get a piece of.
You look so good, I could put you on a plate and sop you up with a biscuit!
You looking at me is making me turn as red as that roasted beet salad.
You make me melt like cheese in the Hot Capicola Sandwich.
You must be potato salad because you're making my mouth watery.
You remind me of fast food because I want to take you out, and then eat you in my car.
You sound like a delicious deli sandwich that I am hungry for.
You're hotter and sweeter than that Capicolla
You're like a fancy French cheese. Some people find your strong aroma offensive but I know it just means you're high quality.
You're like a Pringles. Once I pop you, I can't stop you!
You're the Colby to my Monterey Jack.
You’re like my favorite candy bar, half sweet, half nuts.
You’re looking so sweet, you’ve got my eyes glazed over like honey ham.
You’re so cute I could bottle you up in a tip jar.
You’re spicier than jalapeno.
Your eyes are as effervescent as this sparkling water.
Your intellect turns me on. You're sharp as cheddar.
Your legs are like mayonnaise, smooth creamy and easy to spread.
Your name must be Candy… Because you look so sweet.
Your name must be Coca Cola, because you're so-da-licious
Your skin is smoother than the finest panna cotta.
Your so fine, I want to pour milk all over you and make you part of my complete breakfast.

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