21 KFC Pick Up Lines

Do you love eating KFC or working at KFC? Use these KFC pick up lines with these Kentucky Fried Chicken themes. Use these flirty pick up lines about KFC based on their slogans, fried chicken, legs, breasts, thighs, tasty sides like mashed potato gravy, and more! Add more love, blend of herbs and spice towards your love life with these delicious pick up lines. Easy Copy & Paste!

KFC Pick Up Lines 
Are you from KFC? You got amazing breast and thighs, and you are giving me a extra hard drumstick.
Are you KFC? Because you're finger lickin' good.
Are you KFC? The doctor just gave me a prescription for all your gravy.
Babe are you from Kentucky? Because I love juicy Kentucky fried chick like you.
Babe do you have some KFC sauce, because you are chicken dippin' good.
Babe does your pussy have a secret blend of 11 herbs & spices? Because I'd like to rock my chicken inside your cooker.
Babe, did you just finish those KFC? It's time to put some bones inside that wet empty box of yours.
Babe, let's have some KFC tonight. Let's start with that tender breast and juicy thigh of yours.
Babe, you are so hot, you made this chicken tender go extra crispy tonight.
Babe, you do not need all those chicken pieces to fill up your bucket, all you need is this cock.
Damn girl you a KFC? Cause i want to eat your juicy breast and thick thighs.
Do you know why KFC is so tasty? Because they pressure cook that cock to preserve all the juice.
Girl I work at KFC, I want to put my secret blend of herbs and spices in your pressure cooker.
Girl you know what's common between you and kfc? Juice from inside.
Girl, do you like your cock original or extra crispy.
Girl, I am the colonel, the man, the myth, and the legend.
Girl, you want some KFC? This cock is sure decilious.
Have you tried the KFC sandwich? It's finger licking good when my cock gets in your buns.
I am the colonel, show me your breast and I will show you an amazing time.
I work at KFC, and I know how to spread my breading all over your breast and thighs.
You want some KFC with me tonight. I can make it the hard way, all the way.

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