59 Chinese Pick Up Lines

Want to pick up and find love with chinese women? Flirt with them and impress with these cheesy and clever Chinese related pick up lines. Like all ethnic pick up lines, be careful about when and how you use these chinese based pick up lines. You do not want to end up offending the chinese girls with these themed pick up phrases. They are actually the best and work when you are the same chinese ethnic group as well. Make your best judgement calls in using these chinese pick up lines.

Chinese Pick Up Lines
…you look exactly like Kelly Hu.
…you look exactly like Lucy Liu.
Are you a celebrity? Can I get an autograph?
Are you a model? Because you really look like one.
Are you Chinese? Because you just stole my heart.
Are you from China? (Why?) Because I'm China get on you
Are you half? Half-sexy, half fine.
But where are you really from?
Chinese's ride for free.
Do I cook? Well, not really but I can whip up a pretty mean fried rice!
Do you know why I like Chinese girls? Because they're tighter
For an Chinese girl, you sure are cool.
Has anyone ever told you, you look like Chun Li? You know, that chic from Street Fighter 2.
Have you ever tasted dog meat?
Haven't I seen you before? Maybe in my dreams?
Hello. What's your name? Do you come here often?
Hey, I would like to introduce my Crouching Tiger to your Hidden Dragon
Hey, malaria kills, get under my mosquito net tonight?
I bet you give really good massages.
I carry my cell phone not to feel important but so my mom knows where I am.
I have yellow fever and you're my cure.
I heard Chinese girls are great in bed.
I heard you are good at math, so what's the sum of U+Me
I know kung fu.
I like your look. A lot of girls have beauty, but you seem like you have character.
I love Bruce Lee movies. Come over I can show you some moves.
I love Chinese take outs.
I love fried rice. Can you make some for me?
I love your almond-shaped eyes.
I may look like a nerd but it's only a disguise.
I never did this before, but you are so amazing, I had to talk to you.
I really like your smile. You are cute.
I think you have the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen.
I'm Chinese. Do you have any Chinese in you? Want some?
I'm new in town and looking to meet some new people.
I'm studying Chinese and I need to practice. How do you like it?
I've always wanted to date a Chinese girl.
I've noticed you were looking at me. Can I buy you a drink?
If you will be my Yin, can I be your Yang?
My eyes may seem small but I've got a HUGE personality
Say it in Chinese.
Seeing you makes my face turn red with passion. No, I haven't been drinking!
So is it true? Is your pussy slanted?
What do I do? Gee, I thought you would never ask. Y'see, I'm finishing my first year of residency in internal medicine.
What do you think about Western guys speaking Chinese?
Why don't we dim sum lights?
Will you walk on my back?
Wing Wing Wing Herro?
Wow. I've never seen a girl as beautiful as you.
Yeah, (sniff) I cried during "Joy Luck Club."
You don't have an accent.
You know what? It's strange, but I get mistaken for a white guy all the time!
You like the white boys, don't you?
You look familiar. Have we met before?
You look like a gal I had during the war.
You look like an angel. Welcome to Earth.
You remind me of my fourth wife.
You talk like a white girl.
You're a very pretty Chinese girl. Have you ever made out with a white guy before?…Would you like to?

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