70 Indian (Desi) Pick Up Lines

Do you have your eye on hot indian guys or girls? Check out these funny Indian related pick up lines! Use these however you like when you think the timing is right.

Indian (Desi) Pick Up Lines
Aaaaayo girl are you from 1A1? Cause you are the 1 who is A1.
Are you a dhol? Cause I wanna tap that ass.
Are you a jalebi? Because there's nothing sweeter than you!
Are you from India? Cause I'm trying to get In-di-a pants.
Are you heading to India? 'Cause I'd Goa anywhere with you!
Are you smog? Because you take my breath away.
Are you wearing a sari? Well, you won't be sari if you go out with me.
Baby, I'd love to squeeze your gulab jamuns.
Baby, we go together like daal and bhaat.
Baby, you are spicier than this chicken curry.
Baby, you're hotter then garaam garaam chai.
Babygurl are you from Pakistan? cause there's a ban on my thinking capacity every time you are around.
Babygurl you are elfy to my shoes, betnovate to my bruise and Allubukharay ki chatni to my barbecues
Babygurlll are you from Turkey? cause whenever I see you I become a Tharkee.
Can I borrow a rupee? I promised my amma I'd call her when I found the woman am goning to marry.
Dating me is like being in a rickshaw on a potholed road - one helluva ride!
Do you believe in love at first sight, Or should I wear my PTI shirt and walk by again
Do you eat a lot of pizza because tu cheese badi hai mast mast.
Do you like raita? Cause I'd like to get raita up on you.
Girl, were you born on Diwali? Because you are a Pataka.
Go out with me and you won't be sari.
Hey bby wanna do some mauja hi mauja, please be my zauja
Hey do you eat a lot of eggplant cause that body is bengan!
Hey girl, you wanna strum my sitar?
Hey I don't like to brag but I have a 10 year U.S. visa.
How about we get together and I mix my pani with your puri.
I don't want jalebis or gulab jamans… neither of them are as sweet as you!
I know you must be a Goddess, because I can swear you've been living in my heart.
I need to break my fast, Can I have a date
I wanna be the sambal to your dosa.
I wanna do things to you that are dirtier than all of India's water bodies combined.
I'll delete my shaadi.com profile for you.
I'll have my mum send a rishta to yours.
I'm addicted to you like an aunty to chai.
I'm like dal, hot, spicy and I'll fill you up.
I'm tired of doing Ikathar Bahattar Ikathar Bahattar, Can we please try Unatthar (69) ?
I've never had to Ask The Sexpert
If I were a tabla, I'd let you bang me all night long.
If you and I were a garden, I'd put my tuLIPS and your tuLIPS together.
If you like bananas come with me cause I'm akela.
Is your dad a mistri? Cause you are such a mystery!
Is your dad CJP? cause there's a suo-moto in my pants every time you're around
My life without you is like bhel without chutney.
One date and I'll swachh you off your feet.
One night with me and you'll feel like the Ganges.. Wet, dirty, and constantly moving.
Our kundalis are a perfect match!
Our relationship is so strong, it would survive a season of Bigg Boss.
Sister do you want a date? I bought a full packet when I went to Saudia.
That sari looks very nice on you, but it would look even better on my bedroom floor.
That's a nice sari. Can I talk you out of it?
The day I saw you, I cancelled my shaadi.com account
Tu jaanti nahin mera baap kaun hai.
Twinkle twinkle little star, will you be my pehla pyaar? Up above the world so high, I'm not even scared of your bada bhai.
We are the reincarnated souls of two past lovers. It's our destiny to be together, you just don't remember our past life together.
When I look at you... kuch kuch hotha hai
Will you be my Jawnees? Cause I drop my Jaw and bend on my knees every time I see you
Would you like to be the Radha to my Krishna?
You are like rice and curry... I could eat you all day.
You are the chutney to my samosa.
You complete me like naraa completes shalwar.
You know, our parents engaged us when we were little... I guess they forgot to tell you.
You look like you could use some hot chocolate.
You put the desi in desirable.
You wanna taste my kulfi?
You're a Salman fan? I love SRK! I've always wanted to have mixed race babies.
You're like chutney... you spice up my life!
You're so fine, I bet YOU reject rickshaw-wallahs.
You're so hot, you put the desi in desirable
Your ammi must have eaten a lot of curry while she was pregnant with you, because you're sizzling hot!
Your butt is rounder than my idlis.

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