41 Canadian Pick Up Lines

Did you see a hot Canadian guy or girl? Use these Canadian themed pick up lines that focus on their specialties such as Hockey, Maple Syrup, beaver and more!

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Canadian Pick Up Lines
Animals! Everyone loves animals right?
Are you a beaver? Because I like your tail.
Are you a beaver? I know where some wood is.
Are you a maple tree? Because I'd tap you!
Are you from Canada? Because if you're wondering if you can go out on a date with me, well, you CAN–UH-DUH!
Are you into hockey? That's great because I'd like to score.
Canada is the second largest country in the world. What can I say? Canada has a lot of large things.
CANADIAN GOAL....wanna fuck to celebrate?
Did it hurt when you fell from heaven? Also Did you utilize Canada's public healthcare system to help ease that pain?
Did you know I'm a goalie? Yeah, I always wear protection.
Do you like my cologne? It’s derived from the musk gland of the industrious beaver.
Fall hardly happens here, but You'll be falling into my bed.
Forget whipped cream. Try a taste of what I picked up at the Elmvale Maple Syrup Festival.
Get that red light ready, because you and I are about to score.
Help me score one more time for team Canada?
How about we play a fun game called Haida totem pole?
I saw you and I pictured us as swans, we could mate for life.
I wish I was Tim Horton's coffee…So I could get close to your lips
I'll make you see the northern lights!
I'm a man who drinks beer from an Awesome Land. Need I say more?
I'm cold just thinking about Canada. Let's Cuddle
I'm really big into architecture; want to see my CN tower?
I'm waking up at 5am for hockey. But I would stay up all night for you.
I've seen a lot of Canada, but you could take me to the top of the world.
If you are in a hurry I'm good at the give and go.
Is your friend part maple tree? Because I'd like to tap that.
Is your spirit animal the beaver? Because I know where you can get some wood.
Let’s go to my place. I’d like to show you my puck collection.
My friends have been calling me a loon, because I'm crazy about you.
That’s not a gun in my pocket. That’s my own personal I.E.D.
The way I imagine it, Huron top.
Until I saw you, I didn't believe I'd ever see an arctic fox
Want to help raise my totem pole?
Want to see my lumber, Jack?
We can do coffee or have sex twice, either way I'll get you a double double.
Were you born on the Bluenose? Because baby, you're a dime.
What can I say I'm good with my stick!
What’s your star sign? No, wait, I already know the answer. You are a shooting star sent down from heaven. Your beauty warms and lights up these frozen surroundings. You have become one with the land. Won’t you please open your Northwest Passage and let me hike your tundra?
Would you help an endangered species? Because my woodcock needs help.
Ya gotta check it out. My water bed is full of beer.
You remind me of a ski hill, because now I really want to hit those slopes

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