57 Fencing Pick Up Lines

Fencing is an competitive and hot sport. Do you fancy a guy or girl who excels and loves fencing? Or are you taking a fencing class or participating in an event? Take a look at these fencing related pick up lines to help you break the ice over this activity!

Fencing Pick Up Lines 
Are you a screamer?
Are you here for the fencing lesson, because I'm about to shove it in
Are you into whips, or just good old fashioned thrusting?
Are you looking for someone who's a cut above the rest?
Can I be your bp later?
Can I help hook you up?
Can I lubricate your point tonight?
Did I just hear you say "Strip"?
Do I have the right of way?
Do you wanna circle my weapon?
Do you want to go retreat into the sunset with me?
Don't worry about a thing, I brought a protective rubber tip.
Gosh those are tight knickers, how does one go about getting into them?
Hey babe, lets go back to my place and practice point in line.
Hey baby, wanna see my bayonet?
Hey Baby, what's your weapon?
How 'bout you and I get together and see if we can discover a new secret thrust?
How "bout" a date?
How would you like to go corps a corps?
I can't help myself, when you're near I succumb to the temptations of the flèche so easily.
I just put a new rubber tip on my practice blade, and I need someone to test it out on.
I love the way your lamé glitters in the moonlight.
I need to work on my character of penetration, can you help me?
I prefer the French style, but I hear Italian is fun too.
I want to touch you all over!
I would give anything just to be your body-wire!
I'd like to show you a few moves I learned one night in Paris.
If fencers still wore hearts on their uniforms you'd see how you've touched mine.
It was direct elimination when I saw you.
Let me buy you a Lexan mask so I can gaze into your eyes all day.
Let me help you straighten your blade.
Let me reel you in.
Let's hook up.
Oh baby, you don't know how much i wanna touche' your valid target area
Oh Honey, I'd give you priority anytime!
Oh please? I don't get much action below the belt!
Say prise de fer again, French is such a sensual language!
That's the nicest touche I've seen all season!
The back of your jacket says "CAN", now my question is "Would you please?" (Work on Canadian fencers)
The blue writing on your back tells me your name, now all I need is your phone number.
This may be l'ame, but will you go out with me?
Wanna find out why my friends call me the Scoring Apparatus?
Wanna measure my travel?
Wanna pull my body wire tonight?
Want to find out what the real lefty advantage is?
We could practice our fingering technique together.
What say you give me a "by" past the elimination rounds and we get right to the finale?
What's a naughty thing like you doing wearing white?
Will you parry me?
Would you like to call the action?
Would you like to come back to my place and see my advanced target area?
You can lunge at me any time.
You don't need 750 grams of pressure to score on me baby!
You fleched right into my heart the moment I laid eyes on you!
You look edgy, perhaps you should lower your guard a little.
You're cute, want to corps à corps?
Your salle or mine?

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