43 Hunting Pick Up Lines

Are you hunting or preparing to hunt? We have compiled and written pick up lines and ice breakers to help you start conversations. Use these pick up lines to flirt and impress those hunters and huntresses! Enjoy the night and the hunt.

Hunting Pick Up Line
Are you a deer? Because you would be a lifetime trophy. 
Are you a hunter? Because your pussy has trapped me hard.
As a hunter, safety first. We'll have a great time with each other's game.
Babe you are the one I want. I could smell your scent a mile away.
Babe, I scoped you as soon as I stepped in.
Babe, I won't shoot for a clean kill, I am going to shoot all night long.
Babe, the conditions are perfect for a good hunt tonight.
Babe, you got the license to hunt me down any time.
Do you hunt?
Do you know if someone hits a deer we can take it home? However we skip the part where I hit you with my car?
Forget waterfowl, you look like a real trophy.
Girl are you hurt? I am going to track you down no matter where you are.
Girl, I have checked all my gears. Are you ready to have a good time?
Girl, your beauty has hit me like a deer in the headlights.
Have you been with a hunter? We always wait for the perfect timing to bring you to climax ending.
Hey baby, you bring out the Beast in me.
Hey girl, I have you in my cross hairs. 
Hey girl, you are so gorgeous. You bring out the beast in me. 
I am a hunter, but I'd rather tame you more than kill you.
I am in the rut and you are my doe in heat. 
I have planned a long time to hunt for your heart.
I know you are not a good hunt, but you sure look like you would be a perfect mount.
I know you don't have a big rack. But you're still a trophy to me.
I must be a tick, because I'm stuck on you.
If you were a buck you'd be a great kill, a big rack and a nice ass.
If you were a deer, you'd be a once in a liftime trophy.
I'll show you my rack if you show me yours.
I'm a buck in the rut, and baby, you're my doe in heat.
I've got you in my cross hairs.
I've had my Eagle Eye on you from across the room all night.
Let's hunt goether.
No need for camouflage, my heart if fully out in the open for you.
So are so exotic. I set my eyes on you from across the entrance. 
That cammo really brings out the color in your eyes.
There should be a law made against hunting down beauty like you.
Time is of essence babe, let's treat this meat before it gets soft.
Welcome to my hunting ground, want me to show you around?
Will you show me your rack? Because I would once you do. 
You are my preferred game, girl.
You are so deer to me.
You are the only one I am hunting for.
You are the prey that I have been waiting for.
Your rack is nicer than the any buck I have seen.

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