74 Wrestling Pick Up Lines

Are you trying to figure out some good pick up lines with wrestling themes that feature some well known wrestlers. Does your guy like the wrestle sports? Want to flirt and impress them with wrestling themed pick up phrases? We have compiled the best list of clever wrestling pick up lines for you to use that works. Use these wrestle pick up lines on guys or even girls who like the sport. These wrestling related sayings feature various celebrity and their signature moves.

Wrestling Pick Up Lines 
Are you Sister Abigail? Because you got my whole world into your hand.
Are you the Ultimate Warrior? Because you have been running through my mind all days.
Are you the Undertaker's undefeated streak at WrestleMania? Because I'm about to conquer you.
Baby, you make me wanna go from part-time to full-time. (The Rock)
Bang Bang? (Cactus Jack)
Call me Bray Wyatt because I'm going to kidnap you.
Call me CM Punk and I'll show you my Anaconda Vise.
Call me cm punk because at the end of the night I'm going make you scream BEST IN THE WORLD!
Call me Jake The Snake cause I'm gonna put Damian on your face.
Call me John Cena because I'll only need five moves.
Call me Mick Foley because tonight we're going hardcore!
Can you dig it, sucka? (Booker T)
Come on, let's hear them.
Damn girl, you've got an ass like Abdullah, mind if if fork it?
Damn, I'd love to do a figure four leglock on your face!
Do you smell what The Rock is cooking? (The Rock)
Do you wanna go over me tonight?
Every girl dreams of marrying a wrestler.
For you, I don't think I'll kick out at two. (Obligatory John Cena)
Hey baby, how about you let my Andre the Giant body slam your Chyna?
Hey baby, I'm a man of 1000 holds and only 1 is ARM BAR.
Hey baby, I'm Dwayne. And I will never leave.
Hey I am a wrestler, let me take you down.
Hi, you may have heard of me. I'm the undie-taker.
Honey, if I was gonna build the perfect girlfriend from the ground up… (JBL)
How would you like to wake up from a drug endued nap married?
I always liked you… but I never told anyone. (Nikki Bella)
I am Reigns on the street, but I'm Ambrose in the sheets.
I am the titty master.
I call my dick Randy Savage, because you'll be screaming ooooooh yeah!
I came here to take you home and chew bubblegum. And I'm all out of bubblegum. (Roddy Piper)
I got two words for ya...
I hope you're an ECW fan, because you and I are about to have a One Night Stand. (Rob Van Dam)
I hope you're not HBK, because I want you to lay down for me. (Bret Hart)
I must be Owen Hart because I'm falling for you.
I want give you dirty deeds but I'm not talking about Dean Ambrose finisher.
I would love to wrestle you.
I'd like to pile drive you baby!
I'd like to put my hand over your chest and in a loud clear voice moan
I'll let you Unleash the Animal...
I'm all about justice, but tonight, I wanna make it about just us
If I do a crucifix armbar on you, will you get on your knees for me?
If I put you in a sleeper hold will you drool all over my body?
If you thought this wasn't going to be the best night of your life, then… I'm afraid I have got some bad news. (Wade Barrett)
Is your favorite wrestler Triple H? Because I can't wait to bury you, tonight.
Is your name Steve Austin? Because you're stunning.
It doesn't matter what your name is (The Rock)
Joint locks, pins and grappling? Is that what you do in wrestling?
Know your role and shut your mouth. (The Rock)
Lay the SmackDown on your candy ass (The Rock)
Let us bury ourselves deep into each other's eyes… (Triple H)
Look girl, normally when you have sex with someone you have a 50/50 chance of being satisfied, but I'm a genetic FREAK and I'm not normal, so with me you have a 141 and 2/3s chance of being satisfied.
Mike Yankee Papa Lima Alpha Charlie Echo. (The Shield)
My client has asked me to inform you that tonight he will be the one behind the one. (Paul Heyman)
Never... eeeeeeeeever be the same again (Chris Jericho)
Ohh you didn't know? Your ass better call me.
Stand back! There's a Hurricane coming through!
Suck it (D Generation X)
The best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be... (Bret Hart)
Tonight is all about those three words... Yes!Yes!Yes! (Daniel Bryan)
Tonight, I'll show you why they call me The Big Valbowski. (Val Venis)
Tonight, we're going to sleep together and we're gonna do it right here… In Bedroom, Penthouse! (Mick Foley)
Tonight, you will never rest in peace. (Undertaker)
Wanna come back to my place and yell "NO!" while I yell "YES!"?
We totally reek of awesomeness (Edge and Christian)
When I first saw you, my jaw dropped like Owen Hart.
Would you be my Katie Vick?
You can't semen me.
You could spinaroonie on my Rock any day!
You know, I lost my smile, but I think you could help me find it. (HBK)
You wanna go Belly-to-Belly or Belly-to-Back? Perhaps something more exotic like Inverted, Wheelbarrow or Electric Chair?
You will be screaming YES, more than Daniel Bryan, before I'm done with you.
You will go one on one with the great one (The Rock)
Your father must've been a thief. Because my painkillers are missing and you look like Natty Neidhart.

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