63 Yoga Pick Up Lines

Love going to Yoga and want to hit on guys or girls who attend Yoga sessions? We have compiled the best list of Yoga related pick up lines. These pick up lines feature common Yoga themes such as Yoga gears including yoga pants and mats. Or actions that you can do with Yoga such as stretches or poses. Make these hot yoga pick up lines do the trick for you!

Yoga Pick Up Lines
Am I in the advanced class? Because I like to go hard.
Are you a pranayama teacher? Because you just took my breath away.
Are you doing Ananda Balasana, or are you just happy to see me, baby?
Can I Get in your yoga pants sometime?
Can you feel that universal energy flowing from me to you?
Did you get those yoga pants on sale? Because at my house they're 100% off.
Do you come here often?
Do you like yoga? Because I could downward dog you all night.
Do you like yoga? Because yoganna love this dick
Do you like yoga? If you do, then Yoganna LOVE me!
Do your practice and I am coming..
Every muscle in your body is beautiful.
Hey maybe you can give me a private lesson sometime?
I bet you’re really flexible.
I bet you’re really flexible.
I can think of an activity that'll make you sweat even more than a 90 minute hot yoga class...
I can’t even touch my toes.
I do yoga so I look better naked. Care to see my progress?
I enjoy your company and the silence in between our yoga mats.
I find my core stength in you.
I hope your into yoga, because your going to get a good stretch tonight.
I love it when you wear your yoga pants all day.
I love your energy.
I love your sexy moan when you stretch.
I meditate about you. Will you do the same too?
I wanna be your yoga pants.
I want to see you do yoga. Can I watch you?
I want to stretch with you.
I would hug you after a Bikram Yoga class
I'd let you Chataranga over me any day!
I'm a gymnast, so if you're down for some mattress yoga, count me in!
I'm doing yoga tonight but I rather be doing you.
If I told you that you had a hot yoga body, would you hold it against me?
If you think my camel is impressive, wait until you see my snake.
Is it hot in this Bikram studio, or is it just you?
Keep calm and touch your toes for me.
Looking for Mr.Right? I have great core strength.
My Cobra pose isn't the only thing that's rising upward.
Ommmm... let's meet up in our spirit form.
Once you finish deep breathing, do you want to start panting?
So do you do all that weird breathing stuff?
So…do you work out?
That's a nice pair of yoga pants. Can I talk you out of them?
There's nothing humble about my warrior.
Wanna join me for some downward doggy-style tonight?
We are perfect balance for each other.
We aren't even in hot yoga, but you have me sweating.
We can share my yoga mat so we can become one.
What is your favorite yoga pose? Can you demonstrate it in bed?
When you're in the lotus position, I just want to pollinate you.
White girls that wear yoga pants...Goddamn.
Whoa, you’re flexible. I bet that comes in handy outside of class.
Why don't I help you stretch before yoga tonight?
Why don't we get naked and really get in touch with ourselves?
Why don't we try these positions in bed?
Wow, you're flexible... I'd love to see what you can do outside of class!
You could bounce a quarter off that asana!
You know what they say about girls who are flexible
You look good on your yoga mat.
You've got great posture. I'd love to see you flow sometime.
Your pants say yoga, but your ass says McDonalds.
Your presence gives meaning to my yoga practice and enlightenment.
Your sun salutation would get me to rise every morning.

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