Sports activity is one of the best way to meet with new people. Use these ice breakers to help you start conversations with guys or girls while doing the activity. This pick up line compilation features less common sports that are listed as their own category.

We have compiled a pick up line list that include land sports such as bobsleigh, camping, hiking, cheerleading, cross country, curling, cycling, horse riding or racing, gymnastic, hunting, nascar, rock climbing, rugby, running, tennis, and Volleyball.

Sports Pick Up Lines 
How about you let me take you for a ride in my bobsled? And by bobsled, I mean bed.Bobsleigh
I'm looking to get bobsleigh'd tonight.Bobsleigh
After we're done roasting marshmallows, I'd like to see s'more of you.Camping
Are you a campfire? Cause you're hot and I want s'moreCamping
Care to accompany me to the camp dance? Last year, I won the "Camp Grounded best-of-all-time, hands-down dancer extraordinaire award" so it's pretty worth your while. *Only use on first time campers.Camping
Didn't I see you earlier at the archery range? At first, I thought you were Katniss Everdeen but then I was like, "No, that girl is way hotter". *Can be adapted with Peeta Malark though not as strongCamping
I couldn't help notice your wrist is bare. I just finished making this "serious-dating/long-term-relationship" bracelet. I guess it was meant to be.Camping
I need a drop-dead gorgeous assistant for my talent show act. You available?Camping
I see you have GORP for lunch, would you like some of my beef stick?Camping
I'll scratch your mosquito bites if you'll scratch mine.Camping
If you're scared of the bears you can always come sleep in my tent.Camping
Is that the flicker of firelight in your eyes or are you just naturally radiant?Camping
May I check you for ticks?Camping
My headlamp died. Can you light the way to my cabin with your dazzling smile?Camping
No baby, this ain't my flashlight...Camping
Sorry my team slayed yours in Capture the Flag. Can I make it up to you by letting you take me to dinner?Camping
This tent's not gonna pitch itself baby!Camping
You look a little dehydrated. What do you say we make out?Camping
You need some more fuel for that fire? Cause I got some wood for you right here.Camping
Have you seen my hiking staff? No? Would you like to?Camping; Hiking
(whisper) If there is a "Richie Incognito" on your cheerleading squad, blink twice. Just kidding. How about a phone number?Cheerleader
Are you a banana? Because you're great at the splits.Cheerleader
Do you believe in love at first sight of someone's butt?Cheerleader
Don't you watch movies or television? Hot women are supposed to date way beneath themselves.Cheerleader
Hey, do you have an iPhone? My friends told me to FaceTime them if I ever saw an angel. Are you sure your aren't a cheerleader either?Cheerleader
If you ever need a spotter, I'm available. And I'd never let you go.Cheerleader
Spell your name — like 'Gimme an A, gimme an N, gimme a D, gimme a Y. What's that spell? Your future husband.Cheerleader
What I lack in looks and personality, I more than make up for with fantasy football skills.Cheerleader
Would you like to get together sometime and discuss the lack of quality fantasy options on the Jacksonville Jaguars?Cheerleader
Yell, 'We've got spirit, yes we do! We've got spirit, how 'bout you . . . give me your number?Cheerleader
You belong at the top of my pyramid.Cheerleader
You have the most beautiful belly button I've ever seen. I don't like most people's because it's typically one of the most unhygienic areas of a person's body. But yours is lovely, regardless of whether or not you clean it as thoroughly and often as you should.Cheerleader
You ice girls get the job done, while cheerleaders just dance around. You're productivity drives me wild.Cheerleader; Hockey
Can I hand off my baton to you?Cross-country; Track and Field
I can go on forever; that's just how I'm designedCross-country; Track and Field
I know how to work the bar, I think I can take you.Cross-country; Track and Field
I'll take good care of your batonCross-country; Track and Field
If we raced, I would let you win, so I could get a good view from the backCross-country; Track and Field
You run track? 'Cause I heard you relay want this dick.Cross-country; Track and Field
You've got more curves than a race track.Cross-country; Track and Field
Just throwing this out there, it may be a shot in the dark, but I just discuss my feelings for you...Cross-country; Track and Field
Curling? More like curling up next to you in bed, am I right?Curling
I'm no curler, but I think I could sweep you off your feet!Curling
You like curling? Check out me curling my biceps!Curling
Are your legs tired from spinning, or because you've been running through my mind all day?Cycling
Baby I noticed you have a new drive train… wanna test it out tonight?Cycling
Can I make you a recovery drink? You are going to need it.Cycling
Can I make you a recovery drink? You're going to need it.Cycling
Can I take you for a spin on my handlebars?Cycling
Hey there, do you need to use my pump?Cycling
I believe in riding with protection. (looking at a helmet)Cycling
I believe in riding with protection. [point to helmet]Cycling
I bet we could do some good interval training together.Cycling
I bet we could do some good interval training together.Cycling
I can keep increasing the resistance on my bike, but I just can't resist you.Cycling
I like your frame.Cycling
I love morning rides.Cycling
I saw you getting dirty on the cyclocross course.Cycling
I stretched out my hamstrings, but every time I see you, I feel a tug at my heartstrings…Cycling
I thought I was sucking wind in spin, but you really take my breath away.Cycling
I WHEELIE like you.Cycling
I would love to true your wheels.Cycling
I'd buy a tandem just to ride with you.Cycling
I'll be your mechanic if you'll be my ride.Cycling
I'm an endurance athlete.Cycling
I'm no hipster, but I'd ride a fixie for you.Cycling
I've never seen a sleeker frame.Cycling
Is that your kickstand, or are you just happy to see me?Cycling
Let's watch the Tour de France together. We can live stream it in bed tomorrow morning.Cycling
Need a commuting partner? Because I am amazing in the bike lane.Cycling
This is just my commuter bike. How about I make you dinner and show you my other ones?Cycling
Wanna come over and borrow my chain whip?Cycling
Want to get anaerobic?Cycling
Want to go for a ride?Cycling
Want to lock our bikes together?Cycling
Want to plan a ride up [insert name of hill or mountain]. It feels great when you're on top.Cycling
When are we going to Amsterdam together?Cycling
While we were doing those oblique pulls, I couldn't help noticing how ABS-olutely gorgeous you are.Cycling
You know, I don't need energy bars to keep me going.Cycling
You make my rain pants sweaty.Cycling
You make my spokes spin.Cycling
You're so cute, you could be a feature on a Cycle Chic blog.Cycling
Your pace or mine?Cycling
Girl pick up your saddle because you can ride my pony all night longEquestrian
Hey, a one horse open sleigh isn't the only fun thing to ride.Equestrian
How about me and you go play dress up, I'll be the knight in shining armor and you can be my noble steed, that way I get to ride you all day!"Equestrian
I have a saddle, but no horse. I guess you'll have to ride me instead.Equestrian
Don't make me go in circles for you.Equestrian; Horse Racing
Forget this mob scene. Let's go hit the hay together.Equestrian; Horse Racing
How'd you make out at the races? No seriously, show me.Equestrian; Horse Racing
I know it's a race, but let's take our time to the finish.Equestrian; Horse Racing
I may be a long shot, but with the right trainer I could come from behind.Equestrian; Horse Racing
I won't shoot you when you're old.Equestrian; Horse Racing
I'd bet my last two dollars on you.Equestrian; Horse Racing
I'll be the boss and you can be my Secretariat.Equestrian; Horse Racing
I'll win if you show at my place.Equestrian; Horse Racing
Let's drink Mint Juleps and horse around.Equestrian; Horse Racing
Never tell me the odds, I know a winner when I see one.Equestrian; Horse Racing
Wanna see my Jockeys?Equestrian; Horse Racing
Wanna see what length I can win by?Equestrian; Horse Racing
Would you be mad if I wanted a photo finish?Equestrian; Horse Racing
You've got the superfecta key to my heart.Equestrian; Horse Racing
Are your pants in the Kentucky Derby? Annnnnnnd they're off!Equestrian; Horse Racing; Kenturcky Derby
As a hot filly and a stud, we could make some Derby winners.Equestrian; Horse Racing; Kenturcky Derby
I'm like the Kentucky Derby, the most exciting 2 minutes of your year.Equestrian; Horse Racing; Kenturcky Derby
Those eyes. That smile. That body. You're a Triple Crown winner.Equestrian; Horse Racing; Kenturcky Derby
Wanna get Kentucky Dirty?Equestrian; Horse Racing; Kenturcky Derby
Want some of this Derby pie?Equestrian; Horse Racing; Kenturcky Derby
When I said let's, "Go for Gin" and "Foolish Pleasure" and never "Behave Yourself," or have "Regret," I was clearly listing past Kentucky Derby winners.Equestrian; Horse Racing; Kenturcky Derby
You know what they say about women with large Derby hats…Equestrian; Horse Racing; Kenturcky Derby
Are you an ice skater, cuz damn what a figureFigure Skating
Can I get your jersey? (What?) You know your name and number.General
Do you have any sunscreen? 'Cause you are burning me up!General
Do you wanna see a magic trick? Watch me pull something out of my pants!General
Dont stop! I dont usually get to see beauty in motionGeneral
Hey girl, my gold medal might be shiny but it looks like a dull penny compared to that sparkle in your eyes.General
Hey girl. I won this gold medal, but I'd really like to win your heart.General
I always go for the goal in the sack!General
I Couldn't Help but Notice You Have the Same Jersey on as MeGeneral
I know how to get a leg up on the competitionGeneral
I like the benchwarmers, sure they could keep me warm at night tooGeneral
I love your Merrells.General
I'm going for the silver, because I'll make sure you come first.General
If I gave you my shoe, would you step into my life?General
If you were a pair of Nike sneakers id be in and outta you all day.General
It doesn't matter how you do in your competition, you'll finish first after a night with me.General
Stop, drop, and roll, baby. You are on fire...General
Too bad you're not wearing your jersey. I'd love to get your name and numberGeneral
Want to become my new personal best?General
We're celebrating the win after the game with a drink, you should join us.General
We're commiserating tonight's terrible loss at the bar across the street. you should join us.General
You must be good luck, we're playing well tonightGeneral
You should be wearing a jersey so i dont have to ask for your name or numberGeneral
Your Smile Shines Brighter Than a Gold MedalGeneral
I'm a gymnast, so if you're down for some mattress yoga, count me in!Gymnastic
What do you say we get out of here and do some rhythmic gymnastics?Gymnastic
Did you know this was a kissing gate?Hiking
How do I find the trail that leads to your heart?Hiking
My CamelBak is full of whiskey.Hiking
There's an après party in my bibs. You're invited.Hiking
Does this lift go to heaven? Because you're an angel.Hiking; Lift
Can I pet your beaver pelt?Hunting
Want to share my ground blind?Hunting
You must do hurdles, because it only took you seconds to jump into my heartHurdles
Do you know karate? Because your body is kicking.Karate
I know I just kept that last ball in, but believe me, if the ball was you, I'd gladly take you out.Mixed Netball
I know this zoning doesn't allow us to be in the same third,
But there's no line I wouldn't cross to be with you, my forbidden love.
Mixed Netball
I know you're playing GD, but I can tell - you're a keeper.Mixed Netball
I'm lucky the dragging rule only applies to the feet.
Cos my jaw's been on the ground ever since I saw you on the court tonight.
Mixed Netball
I've never found the obstruction rule hard to obey before.
But tonight, I find the thought of being 3 feet away from you unbearable.
Mixed Netball
If I was taller, I'd pull that ring right down and put it on your finger.Mixed Netball
If I was the ref, I'd call you for held.
Cos you've been in possession of my heart for way longer than 3 seconds.
Mixed Netball
If my heart was a netball court, you'd be centre.Mixed Netball
It's a shame that netball bibs only have a position and not a number, cos I'd sure like to know yoursMixed Netball
It's a shame these bibs aren't made to stop druelling.
Cos you look delicious.
Mixed Netball
Sorry I'm pretty new to the game. But I'm just wondering what the W on your bib stands for.
The A obviously stands for angel.
Mixed Netball
Sorry I've just been a bit confused about the zoning tonight.
Basically, are you allowed into my heart?
Cos that's where I keep finding you.
Mixed Netball
Usually I try and avoid penalties.
But tonight i just want to stand beside you.
Mixed Netball
When I saw you walk on the court tonight wearing WD, my heart said 'Wife Dat'.Mixed Netball
We can continue arguing who has the best mustache in NASCAR … over breakfastNASCAR
I drive race carsNASCAR
"On Belay" "Belay On" "Climbing" "Turned on!"Rock Climbing
Can I get a belay? Cuz I'm fallin' for you....Rock Climbing
Can I put my nuts on your rack?Rock Climbing
Can you hold these nuts for a sec? Rock Climbing
Climb OnRock Climbing
Drytooling? Smearing? Mixed? Congaline? I'm up for anything as long as I get to place some gear!Rock Climbing
Her favorite technique is stemmingRock Climbing
Hey baby, you workin' that crack!Rock Climbing
Hi, I'm Chris Sharma. Rock Climbing
I could rest on those jugs all dayRock Climbing
I have a tuber you can use anytime you wantRock Climbing
I'm in the mood for a staminacrushing jughaul…my place or yours?Rock Climbing
I'm the best Belay in TownRock Climbing
If I scrub that crack, will you wash my rope?Rock Climbing
If you show my your rack, I'll show you my nuts.Rock Climbing
Is that a stalagmite feature or are you just happy to see me?Rock Climbing
Keep me tight, I'm going to layback and work the crackRock Climbing
My portaledge sleeps two, you know.Rock Climbing
Nice booty!Rock Climbing
No! You don't understand, that's not what I meant by having krabs on my nuts!Rock Climbing
Spread your legs and trust the rubber.Rock Climbing
That's the problem with climbing safe! You try to use protection, but you just end up with krabs.Rock Climbing
The thing I like about cracks: The deeper you get, the better it feels.Rock Climbing
Watch me, while I beat on this pinRock Climbing
You had me at On BelayRock Climbing
80 minutes, 15 positions, wanna ruck?Rugby
Are you a hooker?Rugby
Come inside meRugby
Do you like odd shaped balls?Rugby
Do you wear protection?Rugby
I'd hit thatRugby
I'm a trier!Rugby
I'm good with my hands.Rugby
Let's couch, bind and engage.Rugby
Nice tackle!Rugby
Scrum with me?Rugby
Wanna ruck?Rugby
What's your favourite position?Rugby
Would you go down on it?Rugby
Would you like to roll with my maul?Rugby
Would you like to wrap around?Rugby
You look like a perfect 10 to me.Rugby
“I started cramping at the end, my nutritionist says I need a little more Vitamin U.Running
(At the end of a race) I am like chocolate pudding. I look like crap but I am sweet as can be!Running
Apart from being a running gear model, what do you do for a living?Running
Are my running shoes untied? Because when you ran by, I started trippin'Running
Can you run with me so I can tell my friends I've ran with an angel?Running
Dang it! My coach told me not to get my heart rate over 160 today but then I saw you!Running
Excuse me… Do these shorts make me look fast?Running
Good thing I have a GPS watch because I'm lost without youRunning
I am not sure if it was this run or you that just took my breath away.Running
I hope there's a fireman around, 'cause you're smokin' fast!Running
I'm no photographer, but I can picture us running togetherRunning
It's always too hot when I run with you.Running
My heart rate's always up when I run with you.Running
My love for you is like an ultra-marathon. It goes on and on.Running
My name is Garmin. Will you take me running every day?Running
Oh, I just beat you by (insert number of minutes) and (insert number of seconds). If you'd like, we can train together and see if we can't improve our running times.Running
On a scale of 1 -10 you are a 26.2!Running
Roses are red, violets are blue, would you mind if I ran with you?Running
Since distance equals velocity times time, let's let velocity or time approach infinity, because I want to run all the way with you. (For the nerdy runner.)Running
Since distance equals velocity times time, let’s let velocity or time approach infinity, because I want to run all the way with you.Running
Was that an earthquake or are you rocking this run?Running
What are your times? Because I can show you the time of your lifeRunning
What's your PR (Personal Record)? If you go out with me, you will be mine!Running
When I log my run in my journal today, it will say I ran 10 miles with my future wife/husband.Running
When it comes to love I am in it for the long run. Want to join me?Running
You can stop running after your dreams. I'm right hereRunning
You run faster than my nose in allergy season!Running
You run like DSL. How can I get high-speed access?Running
You're really sweating, do you want an S-Cap?Running
Your glow looks great, I'm struggling to stay hydrated in this heat.Running
Your voice is so beautiful, you make fartleks sound appealing.Running
Hey baby I'd like to bomb your hill.Skateboarding
Hey girl, I'd really appreciate it if you would clutch deeznutz.Skateboarding
Hey girl, wanna go downhill... on me?Skateboarding
Hey gorgeus nice setupSkateboarding
I'd like to clean your hardwear and fill you with speed cream if u know what I mean.Skateboarding
I'd love to see you get Loaded and start Bustin out them Nipples.Skateboarding
I'll only get off my longboard if I can ride you instead.Skateboarding
If I were a skateboard, I'd grind on you all night.Skateboarding
My parts are all always cleaned and lubedSkateboarding
Nice wood, can i ride it?Skateboarding
Wanna ride my deck?Skateboarding
Wanna stroke my Stoke stiffy?Skateboarding
You know what they say about long boards...Skateboarding
You wanna help get rid of these blue balls?Skateboarding
Can I nose press your box?Skiing
Help me work on my pole plant?Skiing
I didn't know snow angels could fly.Skiing
Let's huck.Skiing
Mind taking those goggles off so I can see heaven?Skiing
Wanna get a few turns in on my corduroy?Skiing
Wanna see what's under my topsheet?Skiing
What do you and the mountain have in common? Tonight, you're both getting 8 inches.Skiing
What's your DIN?Skiing
Wow, you're rocking pretty tall skis for such a little lady.Skiing
If your hands are cold, it's warm under my thigh vents.Skiing; Hiking
Your beacon batteries might be low, because it took me all day to find you.Skiing; Hiking
Not a soccer fan, but I'd like to kick it with youSoccer
Forget third base—let's just head home.Softball
I understand you like to play with bigger balls…Softball
You aren't making me soft—that's for sure.Softball
Your legs must be tired because you've been speed skating through my mind all night.Speed Skating
Are you from Tennis Channel? 'Cause that's where champions live.Tennis
Babe trust me the only time I'd play games with you is on the court.Tennis
Babe, you played a good match, but you and me are a PERFECT match.Tennis
Care to knock a few balls with me?Tennis
For you, I'd give unlimited lets.Tennis
Girl get rid of those Dunlop balls, you deserve better.Tennis
Girl I'll beat you 6-0 every time, 'cause I'll never stop loving you.Tennis
Girl I'm not tryna brag or anything, but one time I hit an inside out forehand winner.Tennis
Girl quit playing so defensive; I'm just tryna approach you.Tennis
Girl, save that grunting for the bedroom.Tennis
Girl, your shots are pretty flat, but you sure aren't.Tennis
Hey baby, when I call "love," I really mean it!Tennis
I can't handle your shots girl but I sure can handle you.Tennis
I don't mean to be rude, but can you hold my balls while I take my racket out of my bag?Tennis
I love you girl. I've let a lot of shots pass me before, but not this time!Tennis
I'll be your Andre Agassi if you'll be my Steffi Graf.Tennis
I'm tired of the singles action—how about we play some doubles?Tennis
In the "Winner Dates Me" Tournament, I'd say you're the number 1 seed.Tennis
Smash or pass? In tennis I'll do both.Tennis
That was a pretty deep shot girl, but I'll be even deeper inside.Tennis
Tired of singles? Let's play some doubles.Tennis
Wassup I got a couple balls in my pocket if you're interested.Tennis
When you're done painting the lines, we should paint the town red.Tennis
Which side do you want?Tennis
Why don't you hit my balls with your "rack"et?Tennis
Why play tennis when we can use the table for other things?Tennis
You can score all the points tonight so I'll always be in love.Tennis
You got a tight grip on that racquet. That's gonna come in handy tonight.Tennis
You wanna go for a bagel some time?Tennis
You want to be my doubles partner - for life?Tennis
Considering how many people's bare feet are constantly walking through that sand, you probably shouldn't be rolling around in it. Would you like to get some dinner? After you've cleaned yourself thoroughly, of course.Volleyball
Do you play volleyball? Because you look like your good on ur knees!Volleyball
I really dig you.Volleyball
I'd get on my kneepads for you any day.Volleyball
If you're a volleyball player, I think we can set something up in the near future.Volleyball
No, I don't play volleyball for the American team, but I'm flattered you thought so.Volleyball
Why set and spike when we could just bump uglies?Volleyball
Are you a pranayama teacher? 'Cause you just took my breath away.Yoga
Are you doing Ananda Balasana, or are you just happy to see me, baby?Yoga
Did you get those yoga pants on sale? Because at my house they're 100% off.Yoga
Did you get those yoga pants on sale? Because at my house they're 100% off.Yoga
Do you like yoga? Cause I could downward dog you all night.Yoga
Do you like yoga? Cause yoganna love this dickYoga
Do you like yoga? If you do, then Yoganna LOVE me!Yoga
I can think of an activity that'll make you sweat even more than a 90 minute hot yoga class...Yoga
I hope your into yoga, cause your going to get a good stretch tonight.Yoga
I love it when you wear your yoga pants all day.Yoga
I love your energy.Yoga
I'd let you Chataranga over me any day!Yoga
Is it hot in this Bikram studio, or is it just you?Yoga
My Cobra pose isn't the only thing that's rising upward.Yoga
That's a nice pair of yoga pants... can I talk you out of them?Yoga
There's nothing humble about my warrior.Yoga
Wanna join me for some downward doggy-style tonight?Yoga
White girls that wear yoga pants...Goddamn.Yoga
Wow, you're flexible... I'd love to see what you can do outside of class!Yoga
You could bounce a quarter off that asana!Yoga
You've got great posture. I'd love to see you flow sometime.Yoga
Your pants say yoga, but your ass says McDonalds.Yoga