28 Community Pick Up Lines

Community is a funny TV comedy with quite a few clever pick up lines. Find this easy to use list to help you break the ice! Use these on girls or guys that you know who love the TV show.

Community Pick Up Lines
Do you happen to own a dalmatian costume?
Don't worry I'm unfiltered
For you I could go six seasons and a movie
Have you ever done it in a blanket fort?
I bet I could chang your world
I could spend all night in your vents
I don't know what's considered "Big"
I have the body of a 10 year old
I protest how hot you are
I was happily repressed until you came along.
I'll rock your plant like I did to eartha kitt
I'm awesome.
I'm cool cool cool and you're hot hot hot
I'm hiarious.
I'm streets ahead in bed
I've got spurs in my car let's go for a ride.
Is this the timeline where we bang?
Lamb of god in the streets freak in the sheets
Let's do what people do. Let's get a house we can't afford and a dog that makes us angry.
Let's get to know each other in the biblical sense
Let's role-playing. I love being told exactly what to do.
Let's take a nice long trip in your dreamatorium
Time to get dean and dirty.
Wanna sorking with me?
You're like ice cream cake. Your beauty is overkilling me.
You're like Meg Ryan in all her 80s movies
Your nipples are so normal-sized

Pick Up Lines Inspired by Community

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