50 The Hunger Games Pick Up Lines

The Hunger Game is a popular series that captured the heart of many guys and girls. We have compiled the best and funniest list of The Hunger Games pick up lines. These themed pick up lines feature character names, locations, and themes of the series. They are both from either the novel book or the movie series.

Enjoy and we hope these cheesy pick up lines. We hope that could help you break the ice with people who love the Hunger Games series.

Hunger Games Pick Up Lines
Are you a Gamemaker? 'Cause I feel like you're in control of my fate.
Are you a post-apocalyptic teenage tribute? Cause you look like you've got survival skills.
Are you a tribute? Because you've been running through my arena of death all day.
Are you Katniss Everdeen? Because you've got my district in an uprising.
Are you Peeta Mellark, cause your muffins are hot.
Can I see your RoseBush?
Cinna, must have been thinking of you, when he set Katniss on fire.
Girl is there a bloodbath in your cornucopia? If not I'd like to rush in.
Girl, I don't even need beer goggles to see your hottness.
Girl, you look like you were created by Cinna himself.
Girl, you're ON FIRE!
Hey girl, I can take a whipping.
Hey girl, I know how to handle my frosting.
Hey girl, you got sweet buns.
Hey sweetie, are you even old enough to be in this place? You don't look a day over 11.
Hi, I'm Haymitch. How 'bout you buy me a drink?
I advice you to take off your clothes.
I know I should be killing 12-year-olds while tending to my gaping flesh wound, but I had to stop by to tell you that you have absolutely beautiful eyes.
I know my way around a ot oven.
I really want to strike up a conversation, but my breath smells like blood.
I think I've been stung by a trackerjacker. (Why is That?) Cuz you look so good I must be hallucinating!
I would eat poison berries for you.
I would love to see you again - can I get your smoke signal?
I'll keep your arrow safe in my quiver
I'm a gamemaker but I won't play games with your heart.
I'm a professional take off your clothes.
I'm down to effie.
I'm hungry for your body.
I'm really into inter-district dating.
I'm sorry, I had to come over and get a better look at you - you really resemble a girl I once bludgeoned to death with a twig.
I’d eat poison berries for you.
I’m really into inter-District dating.
If I was a gamemaker I would give you a 12.
Is that a cannon in the distance or is it my heart beating for you?
Is your brother Peeta Mellark, cause you have a nice set of buns.
Is your dad President Snow? Because when you walked by, my privates snapped to attention
Is your name Katniss, cause I have something to shut that big mouth of yours!
Is your name Katniss? Because you're starting an uprising in my district.
Is your name Peeta, cause your buns look delicious.
Looks you are on the hunt. For me.
My arrows will go deep inside you.
My love for you is like my quiver of arrows. Endless.
My name is Peeta Mellark, and trust me when I say you have a nice set of buns.
That mockingjay dress would look great on my bedroom floor!
Wanna see my trident? It’ll totally rock your world.
We could fall in love... or I could kill you.
What are the odds of me being in your favor?
You itinerary says it's time to f**k.
You make snares? Cuz I'm all tangled up in your love.
You're more precious than a silver parachute.

Pick Up Lines Inspired by Hunger Games

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