76 Doctor Who Pick Up Lines

Doctor Who is one of the longest running series that feature a “doctor” who can travel through time and space. Break the conversation with people who love the shoe using these Doctor Who related pick up lines. Be warned, these cute pick up lines may be either clean or dirty. Make your best judgement in how they work. Take advantage of this compilation on either guys or girls however you see fit. Enjoy and have fun is the key!

Doctor Who Pick Up Lines
A cyberman couldn't delete you from my heart.
Are you a Dalek? Cause you've been rolling through my mind all night.
Are you a Tardis? Cause when I look into your eyes I feel like I'm flying around the universe.
Are you an angel? Because I haven't blinked since I first saw your face.
Aren't you the one who's been saving my life for centuries? Never did learn your name.
Baby, you just gave me Torchwood.
Because life is short and you are hot.
Can I stick my fish fingers in your custard?
Care to see my beast below?
Come back to my place and you can call me The Master.
Come back to my place so we can have some wibbly wobbly timey wimey.
Did I mention it also travels in time?
Do you have any gallifreyan in you? Want some?
Everytime I regenerate, my penis gets bigger.
Feezes are red. The tardis is blue. Custard is sweet and so are you.
Get in my Tardis. I'll take you to heaven.
Girl, your butt is cute like an Adipose baby.
Hello sweetie!
Hello. (Captain Jack Harkness)
Hey, girl. I have a thing for humans. And threesomes.
How would you fancy a face ride?
I couldn’t forget you even if you were a silence.
I did a scan for alien tech, and it told me you were out of this world
I hear you're Allon-easy.
I never know hwy. I only know who.
I think you’re fantastic!
I won't blink cause baby, you're a weeping angel.
I'd burn up a sun for you.
I'd like to be the one to open your Pandorica.
I'd like to take you out for texting and scones.
I'll make you as hard as a weeping angel.
I'm also the master...in bed.
I'm so drunk off your love, I'm silurian.
I've never been to Uranus. Wanna change that?
I’d like the be the one to open your Pandorica.
I’d like to take you out for texting and scones.
I’ll make your towers sing.
I’m like a weeping angel, when you look at me I get hard as stone
I’m no Rory Williams, but I’d wait 2,000 years to see you again
I’m sorry, I think BOTH of my hearts just skipped a beat.
If I were a Cyberman, I’d give you an upgrade.
If I were The Doctor, would you be my companion?
Is that a sonic screwdriver in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?
Is your name Tardis? Because I could ride you through time and space.
It must be raining up, cause you’ve got me over the moon.
Let me shout at your jammy dodger.
Let's get wibbly wobbly timely wimey bangidy wangidy sexity wexity...
Let's play cybermen. I'll let you upgrade me.
Look at your man. Now back at me. Now back at your man. Now back at me. Sadly, he isn't me.
My kidneys aren't right for me, but you are!
Ohhh...you just made my pandorica open.
Ood be crazy not to wanna tap this
Our future depends on one single momment of one impossible day. Could right here with you be that moment?
People call me the Doctor, but you can call me tongiht.
They call me Nine. Please be mine. You're so damn fine.
They call my penis The TARDIS. It’s bigger when it’s inside.
Wanna come back to my place? You can play Doctor Donna.
Wanna tickle my tardis?
Well, if you wait around awhile, I might become your type.
Why don't you come back to my place so we can have some wibbly wobbly timey wimey?
With you and me together, there will be no silence in the library.
Would you let me be the one to open your Pandorica.
You give me Torchwood.
You have silenced me with your beauty.
You know what they say about Time Lords with long scarves...
You make my centurion stand at attention.
You must be a time lord, because you have two hearts...yours and mine.
You're dalektable.
You're so hot you've given me torchwood.
You've stolen both my hearts!
You’re Oodiful.
Your eyes shine brighter than the Gallifreyan suns.

Pick Up Lines Inspired by Doctor Who

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