66 Stranger Things Pick Up Lines

Are you watching or binging on the Netflix Original Stranger Things? Have some fun with your dates or loved one with these flirty pick up lines. Use these funny and witty pick up lines when the time is perfect. They are inspired by story themes, quotes, and characters in the Stranger Things show.

Stranger Things Pick Up Lines
Accident or not, admit it, it was a little awesome.
Are you eleven? Because I can make you scream.
Are you Eleven? Cause we got something going on.
Are you from the upside down? Because you are demogorgeous.
Are you gonna be a mouthbreather or are you actually going to blow?
Are you wearing a space suit because you are out of this world.
Are you Will from the upside down? Because you light up my life.
Are you Will? Because I'd flip you upside down.
Babe, let's not limit our Stranger Things to Netflix.
Can I have the hopper-tunity to ask you out?
Can’t have more than one best friend. But you could sure have lots of sleep buddies.
Do you know anything about sensory deprivation tanks? We can get some fun with it.
Do you like pearls? You will never be able to resist these pearls.
Do you wanna be normal? Do you wanna be just like everyone else? Instead let's be freaks is the best. Time to get freaky!
Do you want eggos or coffee in the morning?
Girl do you prefer upside down, or maybe even Stranger things?
Girl you don't need anything. You are pretty, really pretty.
Girl, I would ask for Netflix and chill, but you seem into Stranger Things.
Hey girl are you a government experiment? Because you could definitely use my 11.
Hey girl, don't be a Stranger Things, let's get to know each other.
Hey girl, if you go out with me I’ll show you the strangest thing you’ll ever see
I am gonna slay 'em dead. Like a pussy.
I am not stalking you, I just aspire to be like Jonathan Byers.
I don’t care if anyone believes me. I am not gonna stop looking for you until I find you and bring you home! I am going to you home!
I found the chocolate pudding! And I want more of where that stuff came from.
I like it cold, let's get naked.
I like you more than the amount of salkt it took to make Eleven's sensory deprivation pool.
I noah a girl who wants to date you.
I once cut my chin open on a desk by doing a cartwheel while dancing.
I ship us more than Finn ships Mileven.
If we were walkie talkies, you'd be in my range.
If we’re both going crazy, then we’ll go crazy together, right?
If you are the demogorgon, call me blood.
I'll be the eggo to your Eleven.
Is your name 11? Cause I'll make you enjoy some Stranger Things experience.
Is your name Nancy? Because I’m going to take creepy pictures of you from a distance while you’re in your room.
Let's get coffee and contemplate our future relationship.
Let's make it a one time…two time thing.
Let's study.
Maybe they should call you mirkwood, because I wanna ride you at night.
Mornings are for coffee and contemplation.
My love for you is bigger than Barb's glasses.
No pick up lines can make you Dustin' me away.
Noah? More like Woah.
Oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god.
On a scale of 1-10, you are an 11.
Out of two you are an 11, matching with me seems upside down. But I have seen much stranger things.
So I heard you like toothless frog-faces at midnight?
So, I am really good at the pull-out?
The space in my heart for you is bigger than the space in Dustin's teeth.
There’s more to life than stupid boys, you know. You are ready for a man in you.
We are totally not a thing, like, catch on.
We will date.
We're Not in Hawkins Anymore, ready for some Fawking?
When I see you I think "what? No! ew, gross!."
Why are you keeping this curiosity door locked? Let me help you open it up.
Why do we even need weapons anyway. You have me.
Wow. She looks…—Pretty… Good. You look pretty good.
You act like you’re all alone out there in the world, but you’re not. You’re not alone.
You are finger-lickin’ good.
You don't need a will to love me.
You must love Stranger Things because Luc-at that -ass
You’re going to take out a demogorgon with a slingshot? No I am going to do with the rocket in my pants.
Your virginity will disappear faster than Eleven did.
You're one in a mill-ie-on.
You're the table to my Dustin's fists.

Pick Up Lines Inspired by Stranger Things

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