88 Dragon Ball Pick Up Lines

Many guys and girls are into the well-known Dragon Ball series. You are bound to meet someone who loves the show. Use these Dragon Ball pick up lines that feature characters from various installments like Dragon Ball Z, Super, and GT. These Dragon Ball inspired pick up lines include various characters like Goku, Vegeta, Trunks, and more! Make these funny and cheesy phrases work for you with your flirts!

Dragon Ball Pick Up Lines 
Are you a dragon? Because you sure make my balls glow.
Are you a member of the ginyu force? Because I can see you in a lot of exotic positions.
Are you ready to feel the power of my Big Bang Attack?
Babe, I'll give you my big bang attack and we can create something universal.
Baby why don't you use your hands to fire my laser beams?
Bang me or I'll Kamehameha you.
Big Bang me, lover!
Can I see if ALL of you turns Super Saiyan?
Did it hurt? (Did what hurt?) When you fell from Snakeway.
Did Majin Buu do something to you girl? Because you're as sweet as candy.
Do you like dragon ball z? Because I'm drag deez ballz.
Girl is that potara earrings you're wearing? Because I wanna merge bodies with you.
Girl you're so hot, you can pass off as my ki level.
Girl, did you just use a Solar Flare? Because you just brightened up my day OR because I'm blinded with beauty.
Girl, is your name Chiaotzu? Because you're a doll face.
Girl, my bedroom is like the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. If we go in together I'll give you a year's worth of pleasure in just one night.
Girl, you're the hottest thing I've ever seen, and I'm not just saying it. 'm Super Saiyan it.
Goku: I'll eat anything, even you.
Guys with swords make me randy.
Hey baby, I'm just the right Kai for you.
Hey baby, let me see your Dragon Balls!
Hey cutie, want me to rock YOUR dragon?
Hey girl, are you wearing Potara earrings? Because I wanna merge bodies with you.
Hey is your name Simon Bower? Because you're a fucking mad cunt.
Hey let's gokkun my house and let me play with your chi chi's.
Hey, baby, want to do the Fusion Technique at my place?
Hey, cutie, let me rock YOUR dragon.
Hey, I heard you know how to summon a big lizard!
Hey, let's 'Brain Dance', if ya know what I mean!
Hey, sexy, want to get into my trunks?
Hey, take a looky at my magic balls!!
Hey. You look like you're interested in me, and Tien is believing.
Hi, are you a member of the Ginyu Force? Because I could see you in a lot of exotic positions.
How would you like a taste of my Wolf Fang Fist?
I can't get enough of short, balding guys with bad attitudes.
I could of had immortality, but I wished for you!
I just love the way you made Cell go perfect! Think you could do that for me?
I like guys who are named after underwear.
I like short guys. Oh, I'm not implying your short or anything!
I may not be Android 19, but there is one way I can drain your energy.
I often get mistaken for Vegeta, but I'm actually his hot brother Vegeta.
I think you're the 'Head Cha-La'!
I want to have sex with you in the missionary position with the lights off for the sole purpose of reproduction.
I was going to gather all seven Dragon Balls so that I could summon the Eternal Dragon, but now I don't have to. Anything I could wish for is right in front of me.
I was thinking you could give me some personal training.
I wish you were like saibamen. I wanna plant you and grow a whole field of you.
I'm just Saiyan, you're super.
I'm not a Saibaman, but I want to wrap myself around you and explode.
I'm not Android 19 but I know a way I can drain your energy.
I'm not Broly but after tonight you'll be Saiyan that I'm legendary.
I've always wanted a guy who's not afraid of leather pants.
I've got a fridge filled with 2 tons of food. Wanna come over to my place?
I've got two of the greatest balls on earth. Wanna see?
If only I could find a man with an attitude
If you get your hands on my dragon balls, I'll make your wishes come true.
If you handle these balls, a great dragon will arise and make all your wishes come true.
Is that a magical staff in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?
Is that a nyoibo in your pocket, or are you just pleased to see me??!
Is that a sword on your back or are you just happy to see me?
Is your hair the ONLY thing you have that's big?
Is your name Piccolo? Because I'd like to Nail you.
Is your name Vegeta? How about you give me a final flash?
Just call me Cell, because I want to stick it in you.
My bedroom is like the hyperbolic time chamber. If we go in it I'll give you a year's worth of pleasure in one night.
My power level isn't the only thing rising here.
Oh, my dear prince, let me show you the pleasures of being royalty, tonight.
People call me Oolong...the 'T' is silent.
So can that tail do anything else?
Super Saiyan 2 Gohan defeated Cell with only one hand. I've got a much easier job you can do with it.
That spandex is so tight! How do you get into it?
That spandex must be really tight. Can I take it off for you?
That's not my Kamehameha girl, that's my penis!
They call me trunks, because I know how to swing my sword.
Wanna spar? If you know what I mean..
What a coincidence, my name begins with 'Son' also! Wanna hook up?
When i saw your face, I became hung like an oozaro.
Who needs 7 balls to summon their Dragon when you are around?
Wow, those are some really tight pants! How do get into them, maybe starting with a drink??
Yo, Veggie, why don't you put all that energy to good use?
You are SOOOO much stronger than anyone else and better looking too! Wanna come over to my place?
You get more than just my power level rising.
You make my Power Pole extend.
You're a Saiyan and it's a full moon...I'm gonna make you howl.
You're always searching for the ultimate technique, right? Follow me and I'll show you a technique that's guaranteed to stop any man in his tracks.
You're so beautiful, you make Namekians green with envy.
Your eyes really are cold, but you're still hot
Your name must be 9000, because I'm all over you.
Your name must be Bulma, because I wanna get in your Trunks.

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